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Study programme syllabus for
MPIDE - INTERACTION DESIGN, MSC PROGR Academic year: 2007/2008


The master programme in Interaction Design is a two-year programme leading to the Degree of Master.

Programme structure
The courses are based on students running group projects in a design studio. The first semester is dedicated to providing a solid foundation for professional interaction design work through courses such as interaction design methods, computer graphics, gameplay design, ubiquitous computing, simulation engines, and graphical interfaces.

The second semester allows the students to build upon the knowledge gained in the first semester in two ways. First, the students get practical experience through applying their knowledge in a project running the whole semester where the results are presented to the public and working professionals. Second, they take courses such as user-centred design, analysis methods, data communication, and artificial intelligence that provide effective methods applicable to the previous courses.

The third semester provides an opportunity for students to further deepen their knowledge within Interaction Design through taking advanced, Ph.D. level, courses or complementing their education with further courses from the selection available during the first semester. The third semester can also be used to take a minor in another subject.

Compulsory courses
All students take the courses

  • TDA491 Graphical Interfaces,
  • TDA496 Interaction Design Methodology and
  • TDA501 Interaction Design Project.

There are two different specialisations, one for students pursuing a career as interaction designers or usability experts and another intended for students that whish to pursue a career in the computer game industry.

Students specialising towards Interaction Design should take at least two of the courses

  • DAT125 Physical Computing,
  • TDA471 Ubiquitous Computing,
  • TDA466 Methods of Interaction Analysis and
  • TDA486 Human-Centred Design.

For students specialising in Simulation and Games the courses

  • xxxxxx Computer Graphics and
  • TDA570 Simulation Engines

should be taken.

The fourth semester is dedicated to Master Thesis projects, which typically take place within companies or at research groups at Chalmers or other universities.

BSc degree with Major in Information Engineering, Computer Science or Computer Engineering.

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