Being a Student representative

All courses at Chalmers with ten participants or more have between three and five student representatives. For some programme, the Student union appoints representatives and for others the representatives are randomly selected among the course participants. In some cases, the teacher may also ask for voluntary representatives. If you are randomly selected as student representative for a course, the teacher will let you know in the beginning of the course.

As student representative, you are expected to represent yourself and the other students of the course at several meetings during and after the course. Your mission as student representative is very important as you help us better understand our students’ expectations and how they experience our courses.

The teacher will invite you to a start-up meeting/session where you discuss what being a student representative entails and how the course is structured. At the start-up meeting, you also schedule a time-slot for the mid-course meeting.

The mid-course meeting takes place about half-way through the course and at that meeting the student representatives and the teacher discuss how the course is progression so far and if the teacher should keep something in mind for the remainder of the course. The idea of the mid-course meeting is for the teacher to get an impression of how the course is perceived by the students, to be able to make minor changes already during the course. The teacher may structure the mid-course meeting as she/he sees fit, but there is a suggested agenda.

After the exam week (or sometimes already in the last study week), a course survey is sent to all course participants. As it is very important that we get as many response as possible to the survey, we are grateful is you as student representative help us remind the course participants about the importance to full our the survey.

In the study period after the one where the course ended, you participate in the course board meeting. At the course board meeting, the teacher and the student representatives meet with a person representing the programme which owns the course (Head or Programme, Director of Studies or Education officer). The programme representative chairs the course board meeting and the expected outcome of the meeting is to, by discussing the result of the course survey, get a good overview of how the course has been perceived by the students, if something should be changed or developed for next time the course is given, and if something has worked especially well and should serve as an example for other courses. Before the meeting, you will get the results of the course survey sent to you – please read it through before the meeting! If you want to know more about how a course board meeting is held, you may read our guidelines for course board meetings.

As a token of our appreciation, you will get a voucher of 200 SEK for participating in the course board meeting. The voucher can be used for literature and study related materials at Kokboken (campus Lindholmen) or Store (campus Johanneberg). The voucher should be ready for collection within three weeks after the course board meeting. You will get an e-mail when the voucher is ready for collection at Kokboken or Store.

If you have any questions about being a student representative or about course evaluation in general, you may always contact the teacher of your course or the Director of Studies of your programme. You may find who that is in the Contact menu.

Page manager Published: Fri 29 Nov 2019.