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Study programme for  
MPAPP - APPLIED PHYSICS, MSC PROGR Academic year: 2012/2013
The Study programme is adopted 2012-02-23 by Dean of Education

Second Year

Dept Course code Element
Note Block Course name, Element type Extent/
Re-sit examination
Oct -12 up to Aug -13

Study period 1
Elective courses
59 FKA196 0106 S B Fundamentals of micro- and nanotechnology, Examination 7,5 26/10-2012 pm V 18/01-2013 pm V 21/08-2013 pm V
16 TIF180 0108 E D Entrepreneurship and project management, Project 7,5

Study period 2
Elective courses
16 FFR110 0199 E B Computational biology 1, Written and oral assignments 7,5
59 MCC080 0107 S C Liquid crystals, physics and applications, Examination 7,5 Contact examiner Contact examiner
42 MTF072 0107 E D Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Examination 7,5 20/12-2012 pm Fysik 02/04-2013 pm V 19/08-2013 am V
16 TIF050 0105 E D Materials in medicine, Examination 7,5 20/12-2012 pm V 04/04-2013 am V 23/08-2013 pm M
16 TIF185 0108 E A Creative problem solving in engineering, Examination 7,5 17/12-2012 pm H 06/04-2013 am V 27/08-2013 pm V

Study period 3
Elective courses
59 MCC115 0108 E X Modeling and fabrication of micro/nanodevices, Project 7,5

Study period 4

16 TIFX03 0108  X Master's thesis in Applied physics, Diploma thesis 30.0      
16 TIFX60 0109  X Master's thesis in Applied physics, part A, Diploma thesis 30.0      
16 TIFX60 0209  X Master's thesis in Applied physics, part B, Diploma thesis 30.0      

* Element includes education in another quarter
S Final grade. All elements element grades are reported before the final grade for the course can be reported.
E The only element in the course. Element grade and grade for the course are reported at the same time.

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