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Namnlöst dokument

Programme objective

The objective is to provide special add-on competence - knowledge and skills - to general Mechanical (or Physics) Engineering BSc. level knowledge that is significant at most ground vehicle related engineering tasks.
The basic background knowledge is assumed to cover traditional mechanical engineering subjects as Engineering Mathematics, Rigid Body Dynamics, Strength of Material and Machine Elements.
Ground vehicles are treated as complex systems of subsystems and components, constituting autonomously moving self-propelled machines.

Programme characteristics

* In focus: Vehicle propulsion or body design and crash safety
* System orientation
* Problem orientation
* Extensive project activities
* Cooperation with automotive industry
* Experimental verification
* Besides formal knowledge: Recognition of skills and know-how, etc

Programme structure

First semester (20 credit units (c.u.)):
Compulsory courses and elective courses (emphasis on Vehicle Propulsion or Body Design and Crash Safety)
Second semester (20 c.u.):
Industry related project (15 c.u.) and one elective course (5 c.u.)
Third semester (20 c.u.):
Master thesis work

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