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Programme concentration:  common for all ALL  EKT 

Study programme for  
TIELL - ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING Academic year: 2020/2021

Third Year
Programme concentration Electrical Engineering

Dept Course code Module
Note Block Course name, Module type Extent/
Re-sit examination
Oct -20 up to Aug -21

Study period 1
Elective courses
32 ENM051 0118 E 1)  B+ Power system analysis and control, Examination 7,5 26/10-2020 am J Change 05/01-2021 pm J 19/08-2021 am J
32 ENM056 0118 E 1)  D+ Electrical machines - design and analysis, Examination 7,5 29/10-2020 am J Change 04/01-2021 pm J 23/08-2021 pm J
11 LMA017 0101 E 1) 2)  Mathematical analysis in several variables, Examination 7,5 27/10-2020 pm L Change 04/01-2021 am L 19/08-2021 pm L

Study period 2
Compulsory courses
32 ENM061 0116  A+ Power electronic converters, Examination 6,0 16/01-2021 pm J Change 07/04-2021 pm J 24/08-2021 pm J
32 ENM061 0216 S A+ Power electronic converters, Laboratory 1,5
32 MTT035 0107 S D High voltage engineering, Examination 7,5 13/01-2021 pm J Change 09/04-2021 pm J 18/08-2021 pm J

Study period 3
Compulsory courses
62 LSP127 0102 E A+ Professional English, Written and oral assignments 1,5
32 MTT060 0109  B+ Electric installations and statutes, Project 4,5
32 MTT060 0209 S B+ Electric installations and statutes, Examination 3,0 19/03-2021 am J 10/06-2021 pm J 20/08-2021 am J

Study period 4
Compulsory courses
45 LMU450 0103 S C+ Economy and organisation, Examination 6,0 01/06-2021 am L 09/10-2020 am L 28/08-2021 am L Change

32 EENX20 0117  Degree project in Electrical engineering, Diploma thesis 15.0      

1) Compulsory elective: - (ENM051, ENM056, LMA017): 2 of stated courses are required for the degree
2) Recommendation: Prerequisite for MPEPO (LMA017)
* Element includes education in another quarter
S Final grade. All module grades are reported before the final grade for the course can be reported.
E The only module in the course. Module grade and grade for the course are reported at the same time.
DIG Digital examination is a examination written in the Inspera system. The student will bring their own computer and access the exam via Safe exam browser

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