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Study programme for  

Third Year

Dept Course code Module
Note Block Course name, Module type Extent/
Re-sit examination
Oct -20 up to Aug -21

Study period 1
Compulsory courses
40 PPU032 0116 E A User studies - Understanding the user and its requirements, Intermediate test 7,5
45 TEK266 0118  B+ Business driven strategic marketing management, Examination 4,0 28/10-2020 pm L Change 05/01-2021 pm L 20/08-2021 pm L
45 TEK266 0218 S B+ Business driven strategic marketing management, Project 3,5
Elective courses
11 LMA017 0101 E Mathematical analysis in several variables, Examination 7,5 27/10-2020 pm L Change 04/01-2021 am L 19/08-2021 pm L

Study period 2
Elective courses
11 LMA521 0103 E Statistics with applications, Examination 7,5 12/01-2021 am L Change 09/04-2021 am L 26/08-2021 pm L
40 PPU025 0105 E 1)  From numerical to physical product development, Project 7,5
45 TEK700 0119 E 2)  C+ Practical leadership and entrepreneurship, Project 7,5
45 TEK720 0119  1)  Industrial economics and organization, Examination 6,0 14/01-2021 am L Change 07/04-2021 am L 28/08-2021 am L Change
45 TEK720 0219 S 1)  Industrial economics and organization, Written and oral assignments 1,5

Study period 3
Compulsory courses
40 PPU030 0105 E 3)  B+ Design and product development for sustainability, Written and oral assignments 7,5

Study period 4
Elective courses
40 PPU041 0109 E 1)  Solid modelling, advanced course, Written and oral assignments 7,5

40 IMSX20 0117  Degree project in Industrial and materials science, Diploma thesis 15.0      
30 MMSX25 0117  Degree project in Mechanics and maritime sciences, Diploma thesis 15.0      
45 TEKX01 0105  Degree project in Technology management and economics, Diploma thesis 15.0      

1) Recommendation: Recommended electable courses (PPU025, PPU041, TEK720)
2) The course has theme MTS 7,5 credits
3) The course has theme Environment 7,5 credits
* Element includes education in another quarter
S Final grade. All module grades are reported before the final grade for the course can be reported.
E The only module in the course. Module grade and grade for the course are reported at the same time.
DIG Digital examination is a examination written in the Inspera system. The student will bring their own computer and access the exam via Safe exam browser

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