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Syllabus for

Academic year
MMS035 - Intercultural communication and leadership
Interkulturell kommunikation och ledarskap
Syllabus adopted 2021-02-08 by Head of Programme (or corresponding)
Owner: TISJL
3,0 Credits
Grading: UG - Pass, Fail
Education cycle: First-cycle
Main field of study: Shipping and Marine Technology

Teaching language: Swedish
Application code: 76122
Open for exchange students: No
Only students with the course round in the programme plan

Module   Credit distribution   Examination dates
Sp1 Sp2 Sp3 Sp4 Summer course No Sp
0118 Written and oral assignments 3,0 c Grading: UG   3,0 c    

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Fredrik Forsman

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General entry requirements for bachelor's level (first cycle)
Applicants enrolled in a programme at Chalmers where the course is included in the study programme are exempted from fulfilling the requirements above.

Specific entry requirements

The same as for the programme that owns the course.
Applicants enrolled in a programme at Chalmers where the course is included in the study programme are exempted from fulfilling the requirements above.

Course specific prerequisites




Learning outcomes (after completion of the course the student should be able to)

- Explain how we understand ourselves in relation to how we understand others 
- Explain the principles for how people with different backgrounds interact 
- Explain the principles of communication to understand and make oneself understood
- Be able to give and receive feedback 
- Describe the base for group dynamics
- Explain basic leadership principles 
- Explain the meaning of the managerial role 
- Explain the meaning of employeehood 
- Identify important factors for collaboration 
- Describe ethical aspects in the professional role


- Theory of how people understand themselves in relation to others and their surroundings
- Communication theory
- Group theories
- Leadership theory
- Cultural differences / World values survey
- Role play exercise
- Professional ethics
- Evaluate information and present it in a relevant way
- Conduct presentations in front of your own group / class


The course is an introductory course to leadership and is based on intercultural communication and professional collaboration. In the course there will be several different parts; lectures, exercises, and role play. The central form of work will be the seminar where  you will read/listen/watch a specific material (text, video or pod) and write a reflective text on the topic that is submitted before the seminar where it is discussed.

Great emphasis will be placed on the art of reasoning based on specific premises. In the seminars, you will be approved if you have presented the material and put a personal reflection on it. The reflection does not have to be in line with what the teacher's opinion is on the issue, as long as the argument for the position is well substantiated and opinions and premises can be clearly distinguished.


Ledarskapsmodellen - Konsten att matcha individuella och organisatoriska förutsättningar, ISBN: 9789144114897, Gerry Larsson, Josi Lundin, Ann Zander.

Teamutveckling i teori och praktik, ISBN 9789127147423,  Christian JacobssonMaria Åkerlund
Scientific text
Course webpage material

Examination including compulsory elements

Participation in collective activities
Written assignment

The course examiner may assess individual students in other ways than what is stated above if there are special reasons for doing so, for example if a student has a decision from Chalmers on educational support due to disability.


A-III/1 Maintain a safe engineering watch: Engine-room resource management (also in course SJO757)
A-III/2 Use leadership and managerial skills (also in course SJO757)
A-III/6 Application of leadership and teamworking skills (also in course SJO757)

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