Canvas - Chalmers' learning management system

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system is a software used for teaching, information handling, communication, and interaction between students and teachers during a course.

Among other things, you can:
  • access and hand in assignments
  • access course information and guides
  • keep yourself updated with course news and events 
  • contact teachers via a discussion forum or messages 
  • you will also find important information on Canvas in case of a crisis or other disruptions on Campus
The compulsory information about the course, as contact person, schedule, course literature and syllabus, can also be found in the course in Canvas.

Watch our short video guides and learn more about Canvas

Here's how to access the Canvas course rooms

For those who are registered on a course

If you are registered on a course, you can easily access it by logging into Canvas. There you will see all the courses you are currently registered on.
Note: It can take some time from when you register on a course until you can access it in Canvas. If you still can’t access the course after 24 hours, contact​.

I am not registered on the course. Can I still access the course in Canvas?

Yes, many courses in Canvas are public and can be reached even by students who are not registered on the courses.
If you are not registered for the course but still need to access it (e.g. if you have a re-exam to do) then you will be able to do so by searching here at the Student Portal. You go to "Search course"​​ and look up the course. Click on the course name and then click on the link "Go to course homepage" and the course in Canvas opens. If you can’t access the course in this way, contact the examiner.

I can’t access a course in Canvas

If you log in to Canvas and can’t find a course that you are registered on, or if you try to access a course and get the message "Access denied", it can be due to three different things. Either the examiner has restricted access to the page, or the page has not yet been published, or your registration from Ladok hasn’t been synced to Canvas yet. If you recently registered on the course, wait a couple of hours, otherwise contact the examiner.

Canvas - your channel in case of a crisis or other disruptions 

In case of a crisis or other disruptions, Chalmers will be using Canvas and the mobile app Canvas Student to inform students about the event. Please, install the app on your cell phone and log in. 

Canvas student guide

Do you want to know more about Canvas? Click the link below to access Canvas’s own guide for students.


If you have questions about Canvas, contact​
If you have questions about a specific course, contact your examiner.

Page manager Published: Mon 26 Sep 2022.