Canvas - portal to teaching and learning - course room, course homepage

Starting study period 1 in September 2019, Canvas will be used for all undergraduate courses.
In the autumn semester 2019 - courses in study period 1 and 2 will have course rooms in Canvas.
In the spring semester 2020 - courses in study period 3 and 4 will have course rooms in Canvas.

What is a Learning Management System?

A learning management system is a collection of tools used for teaching, information handling, communication, and interaction between students and teachers during a course. Among other things, you can:
  • access and hand in assignments
  • access course information and guides
  • keep updated with course news and events
  • contact teachers via a discussion forum or a chat
The compulsory information about the course, as contact person, schedule, literature list and course-pm can also be found in the course room in Canvas.

I want to access the course homepage in Canvas

To get access to the content of the course room / course homepage in Canvas, you need to be registered on the course. You register on your courses in your student-Ladok.

Log in to with your CID and password.
If you are registered on the course, you will see the course room once you’re logged in (this applies to pilot courses before the summer of 2019 and all courses after the summer of 2019).
Before you are registered on the course, you will be placed into the course as accepted until the course start, which means that you will have access to the course room. If you then don’t register to the course, you will lose access to the course room after the official course start date.

You can also find the course room via Search course
Look up the course name and then click the link to Canvas found in the course plan


If you have questions about Canvas or the Canvas project, please contact
If you have questions about a specific course, please contact the examiner of that course.

Published: Fri 25 Jan 2019. Modified: Tue 05 Mar 2019