Single-subject courses offered by Handels Gothenburg University (GU)


The application date is from 7/4-28/4-2020 for courses in study period 1 (autumn semester) year 2020/21.
NOTE! The application form is only open during the application dates. Log in with your CID to access the form.


To be eligible, you must be a 2nd year student, alternatively presently completing your 1st year in order to begin the 2nd year this upcoming autumn semester (2020) in one of following four Master's programmes:
  • Management and Economics of Innovation
  • Quality and Operations Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Industrial Ecology

Course list

Choose one course in study period A and one course in study period B. Alternatively, you can choose 2 courses that are offered simultaneously during both study periods. None of the courses have limited places.

Code Course title ​Period Credits ​Study pace %
​GM1116 ​Marketing in the service economy A 7,5hp ​100
​GM0416 ​Entrepreneurship and New business development ​A+B 7,5hp ​100
​GM0421 ​Innovation Management ​A+B 7,5hp ​100
​GM0122 ​Global Sourcing ​B 7,5hp ​100
​GM0812 ​Business Ethics and Sustainability ​B 7,5hp ​100
​GM0615 ​Corporate Social Responsibility in Event and Tourism ​B 7,5hp ​100
​GM1212 ​Creating and Regulating Markets ​B 7,5hp ​100
Recommended courses for each master’s program
Code Course title ​MPMEI ​MPQOM ​MPSCM ​MPTSE
​GM1116 ​Marketing in the service economy ​x ​x ​x
​GM0416 ​Entrepreneurship and New business development ​x ​x ​x
​GM0421 ​Innovation Management ​x ​x ​x
​GM0122 ​Global Sourcing ​x ​x ​x
​GM0812 ​Business Ethics and Sustainability ​x ​x ​x ​x
​GM0615 ​Corporate Social Responsibility in Event and Tourism ​x
​GM1212 ​Creating and Regulating Markets ​x ​x

Notification of Selection Result

Notification of selection result will be sent latest by June 12, 2020 to the e-mail address that is stated on the application form. Applicants can neither have pre-assessments of their eligibility nor a pre-notification of selection results of admission.

Course Result /Credit Transfer

When the course is completed, the result will be registered in GU-Ladok and you must print out the result slip by yourself. The course may be used as a single-subject course in your master’s programme at Chalmers, only if it is not an overlapped course.
Click on the links in the table below for course syllabus
Specific questions about the courses contents, kindly contact the examiner.


Code Course title Examiner Email
​GM1116 Marketing in the service economy Lena Mossberg & Jeanette Hauff ​
​GM0416 Entrepreneurship and New business development Evangelos Bourelos ​
​GM0421 Innovation Management Rick Middel
​GM0122 Global Sourcing​​ Roger Schweizer
​GM0812 ​Business Ethics and Sustainability Marie José Zapata ​
​GM0615 Corporate Social Responsibility in Event and Tourism Erik Lundberg & Maria José Zapata ​
​GM1212 Creating and Regulating Markets Susanna Fellman ​
Questions regarding credit transfer:
Kindly contact your director of studies

Specific questions about the courses contents:
Kindly contact the examiner (email address in the table above)

Questions regarding the application and admission procedure:
Chalmers Admissions: or 031-772 2590 (10-11 AM (CET) weekdays)

Published: Tue 07 Apr 2020.