Course selection for MPARC and MPDSD and exchange students in architecture, spring semester 2020

Key dates - course selection for the spring semester 2020 

For programme students in MPARC and MPDSD

19 November - The course selection opens at
10 December - Last day to select courses
Be sure to make your selection on time!

For exchange students in Architecture

12 December - The course selection opens for late applications at
13 December - Last day to select courses
Be sure to make your selection on time!

Key dates for Reality Studio - ARK496

If you want to apply for Reality Studio - ARK496, contact Catarina Östlund for more information.

13 November - Deadline for notification of interest for Reality Studio
15 November - Deadline for motivational letter for Reality Studio

Information Sessions

Presentation of Design studios and Courses MPARC and MPDSD
Date: Wednesday 20 November
Place: Lecture hall SB-H2
Time: 13:15-16:00
Separate information session for the MPDSD design studio Reality Studio.

Reality Studio information session
Date: Wednesday 6 November
Time: 15:15-16:45
Place: Kunskapstrappan (SB-Ktrappa)

What to select

The spring semester 2020 comprises 30 credits 
  • 1 course 4,5 cr* 
  • 1 design studio 22,5 cr**  
  • 1 seminar course (History, theory and method) 3,0 cr***

*Compulsory elective. One 4,5 cr course within the master programme is required for a MSc degree.
**Compulsory to take a minimum of two studios within the master programme for a MSc degree.
***Compulsory elective. One 3,0 cr course is required for a MSc degree.

Information about the courses

The programme plans show which courses are part of your master programme.

​Please use search course to find the syllabus for a course you are interested in.
Note the entry requirements that say what previous knowledge you need to study the course.

Additional information about the courses is available in the form of flyers.

How to make your selection

Master programme students in MPARC and MPDSD make your course selection on

Exchange students in architecture make your course selection on

Selection rules for courses

The number of participants in the courses is limited. When selection needs to be made the following rules are used:
  • Master programme students have priority over exchange students.
  • Master programme students have priority to courses within their own programme plan, over master programme students from other programmes.
  • The lowest priority is given to students that makes their selection too late.

Priority within student groups:

  1. Most credits (courses) taken within the master programme.
  2. Highest grade average within the master programme (grade average is calculated from completed courses only).
  3. If 1 and 2 cannot separate between students, lottery will be used. For exchange students lottery is always used.

Waiting list

Students who are not given a place in their preferred course/studio are put on a waiting list in prioritized order. If a place becomes available, the first student on the list is offered the place. In case he/she declines, the place is offered to the second student on the list, and so on.

Changing course/studio

All changes are handled by the Director of Studies. Teachers or examiners cannot give places in their courses to individual students.
  • It is only possible to change courses/studios if there is a place available in the receiving course/studio.
  • No change is allowed after Monday the second week of the course/studio.
    - Exception: For the 4,5 cr courses in study week 1-3 in the spring semester, no changing is allowed after Wednesday the first week of the course.
  • Empty places that occur before the last day for changing can be filled by students on the waiting list if the receiving studio/course has the capacity to accept new students at that time.

Course registration

To claim your place in the courses you must register for each course at the beginning of the spring semester. 


Contact Anna Knutsson, director of studies for the master programmes in architecture.


Published: Mon 18 Nov 2019.