Course selection in study period 2, autumn semester 2017

Some Master's programmes have elective courses in year 1 for study period 2. If you are enrolled in one of these programmes (see below) you can select courses between September 12 and October 3. Log in to My startpage and use the service Select courses

Year 1 students in the following programmes should select courses for study period 2


Plan your course selection

If you would like to select other courses than those suggested by your programme, use the service Select courses. In the service you can also see in which schedule block the course belongs to.

Registration of your selected courses will be done a week before study period 2 begins. In the service View selected and registered courses you can see your choices some time after the selection is closed. 

Do you fulfill the course requirements?

Check up that you meet the prerequisites for the course. Some courses fill up quickly and some are only available for specific programmes. If you can't get your course selection, you will be notified.

Information for fee paying students

Fee paying students who want to select courses outside of the programme plan, please use the form "Course registration, fee paying students" below. Also use this form to adjust your course selection. The form will be sent to Tuition Fees,.
Please note that if you want to study more than 30 credits per semester, you will be charged for the additional credits. Once the payment is complete, you will be registered on the course.

 Course registration form, fee paying students

Published: Thu 06 Sep 2012. Modified: Tue 03 Apr 2018