Interruption of studies

Contact your Student Guidance Counsellor

If you are doubt about interrupting your studies, please contact the Student Guidance Counsellor at your programme for support and guidance. When you have conducted studies for more than 3 weeks, it is your Student Guidance Counsellor that will register the interruption in Ladok.

Contact information Student Guidance councellor

​Are you admitted to Chalmers, but unable to attend this year?

If you have decided not to attend studies at Chalmers this year, it's important that you decline your offer of admission, so that waiting list students can be awarded a place at the university. Remember that your future chances of applying and being admitted to Chalmers are not affected by you declining your offer of admission.
Up until the day you register online for courses within your programme at Chalmers, you decline your offer via My pages at

Under certain circumstances it is possible to
Postpone or defer enrolment (

Decline after the registration and 3 weeks into the first semester

If your did register for courses at Chalmers and then have decided to decline your study place, please contact the Admissions at
State your full name, date of birth and that you intend to decline your study place.
Please take note, Tuition fee paying students must check the rules and regulations beforehand. There will be no refund of the tuition fee.


Published: Mon 28 Sep 2020.