Transfer to another Master's Programme in Semester 1 of Year 1

The application can only be submitted via a digital form and this digital form will be published at this webpage. Applications are open between October 1-10.
Entry Requirements
  • The student is enrolled in year one of a 2-year-Master’s Programme at Chalmers. 
  • There are places available on the Programme.
  • All basic and specific eligibility requirements are fulfilled.
  • The applicant’s merit value for the programme he/she wants to transfer to is greater or equal to that of the last admitted student (i.e. the admitted student with the lowest merit value). The merit value cannot be transferred between programmes. If the applicant did not apply for the programme at, an evaluation will be made.


In the case of more qualified applicants than number of vacancies, a selection will be made based on the applicant’s merit value in the selection group(s) that he/she competed with, in the ordinary selection round.

Notification of selection result
  • The notification of selection result will be sent by e-mail on October 19 (or the subsequent working day, if the 19 falls on a weekend).
  • If the transfer is approved, the notification will include a request to confirm the offered study place.
    • A reply must reach the Admissions office within one week from the date the notification was sent.
    • No reply means the offer will be cancelled.
Application form
  • The application form is open only during the application period.
  • A login with your Chalmers-ID (CID) is required.

Published: Fri 03 Jul 2020.