Transfer to another Master's Programme in Semester 1 of Year 1

Application open from October 1st to 10th only

The application can only be submitted via a digital application form.
The application form is open (published) on this webpage between October 1-10 only.

Carefully consider the consequences

Carefully consider the consequences of a possible programme transfer before applying. It is important that you review the programme plan (curriculum) and course syllabus for the program you are applying for a transfer to. For example, there may be courses in year 1, study period 2 that are based on courses from study period 1 or courses that bridge several study periods. Make sure you are aware of how it could affect your studies.

Fee-Paying Students

If you are a fee-paying student, please take note that a programme transfer may result in you registering for more credits than you already have paid for. In that case you will be billed for the extra credits. For information on tuition fees, please contact

Entry Requirements


  • You can select a maximum of two programmes you wish to transfer to. However, you can only be admitted to one. Make sure you rank them in accordance with your preference.
  • In the case of more qualified applicants than number of vacancies, a selection will be made based on the applicant’s CGPA (cumulative grade point average) that he/she competed with, in the ordinary selection round. The applicants will compete in a joint selection group for all applicants.
  • If two or more applicants have the same CGPA, then a casting of lots is used.
Notification of selection result
  • The notification of selection result will be sent by e-mail on October 19 (or the subsequent working day, if the 19 falls on a weekend).
  • If the transfer is approved, the notification will include a request to confirm the offered study place.
    • A reply must reach the Admissions office within one week from the date the notification was sent.
    • No reply means the offer will be cancelled.
  • If you accept the offer of a new master's programme your previous programme will be discontinued. A student cannot be admitted and registered as active in two programmes at the same (educational) level. This action is in accordance with the decision C 2020–1528.
Application form
  • The application form is open October 1-10 only.
  • A login with your Chalmers-ID (CID) is required.

Page manager Published: Thu 25 Nov 2021.