Transfer to another Master's Programme in Semester 1 of Year 1

Apply between 1 and 10 of October

The application can only be submitted via a digital form and it will be published at this webpage.
The application form is open (published) between October 1-10 only.

Entry Requirements


  • You can select a maximum of two programmes you wish to transfer to. However, you can only be admitted to one. Make sure you rank them in accordance with your preference.
  • In the case of more qualified applicants than number of vacancies, a selection will be made based on the applicant’s CGPA (cumulative grade point average) that he/she competed with, in the ordinary selection round. The applicants will compete in a in a joint selection group for all applicants.
  • If two or more applicants have the same CGPA, then a casting of lots is used.
Notification of selection result
  • The notification of selection result will be sent by e-mail on October 19 (or the subsequent working day, if the 19 falls on a weekend).
  • If the transfer is approved, the notification will include a request to confirm the offered study place.
    • A reply must reach the Admissions office within one week from the date the notification was sent.
    • No reply means the offer will be cancelled.
  • If you accept the offer of a new master's programme your previous programme will be discontinued. A student cannot be admitted and registered as active in two programmes at the same (educational) level. This action is in accordance with the decision C 2020–1528.
Application form
  • The application form is open October 1-10 only.
  • A login with your Chalmers-ID (CID) is required.

Page manager Published: Wed 15 Sep 2021.