Important to consider during distance studies

Due to the prevailing situation regarding the new coronavirus there are many of you students who are facing a complete change in your everyday lives, and will have to adjust to spend the greater part of your time at home. This could mean that it becomes harder to keep up with your routines, as it is easy to feel alone/isolated, or become unmotivated in your studies. A quick transition can create stress and concerns about how to cope with your studies situation. Take care of each other, be generous and invite everyone to study groups digitally so that no one needs to be alone. If you want support / to talk with someone, you can contact your Student guidance councelor. Although we are not in the office, you are welcome to contact us. 

Here are some recommendations: 
  • Continue with your daily routine. 
  • Keep in touch with your friends and classmates. 
  • Have a clear division between study and leisure. 
  • Make sure you get some form of physical exercise every day. For example talking a walk. 
  • Even if everyone in your study group studies from home: keep in contact digitally. 
  • Remember to use the webcam when doing group work. It helps you be more present when you see everyone in the group. 

Support in courses / subjects: 
Keep in touch with your teachers and use the support that is offered digitally in each course.


Page manager Published: Mon 05 Jul 2021.