Student guidance counselling

The student guidance counsellor supports you in different study situations. Guidance is about highlighting the student’s ability in making conscious and independent decisions as well as raising awareness about his or her own responsibility as a student. Counselling conversations focus on your studies, career choices and personal conditions. They aim to support and encourage the student’s ability of making well-founded decisions regarding his or her personal development, planned academic degree, and career ahead. Based on your specific situation, the counsellor helps you sort through your concerns and goals.

Student guidance counselling for programme students

Each programme has a student guidance counsellor who helps to support, guide and motivate students through their education. 

Contact the student guidance counsellor if you, for example:

  • need help with study planning
  • decision-making in general
  • feel unmotivated
  • have thoughts of interrupting your studies
  • want to take study break
You can also contact the student counsellor if you do not feel well, feel lonely or isolated, or other issues that might affect you and your study situation. A conversation with a student guidance counsellor aims at helping you make independent decisions about yourself and your studies. All student guidance counsellors have a degree in behavioral sciences along with professional conversational training. The student guidance counsellor at Chalmers is bound to professional secrecy regard to your personal circumstances.

Visiting addresses: 

  • Campus Johanneberg: Sven Hultins gata 8.
  • Campus Lindholmen: Hus Saga, Studentcentrum, Hörselgången 4. 

Central student guidance and career counselling ​

Central student guidance and career counselling offers general student and career guidance not only to those who want to start studying, but also to those who are currently studying at Chalmers. In addition, students who are uncertain whether they have chosen the right programme are welcome to contact the unit for guidance. 
For counselling, please contact:​

Visiting addresses: 

  • Campus Johanneberg: Sven Hultins gata 8.​
  • Campus Lindholmen: Hus Saga, Studentcentrum, Hörselgången 4. 

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