Practical questions about remote education

What if I arrive late to campus and miss parts of my education?  

If you arrive to campus later than the semester starts (30 August), we unfortunately cannot guarantee that you can follow the education or take part in assessments online since we have a hybrid of digital- and campus-based teaching. Please note that it’s important that you participate in the compulsory parts of a course. If you miss those, you won’t be able to complete the course until the next academic year. Since you need to have reached a certain number of credits to renew your residence permit after the first academic year, this may affect the renewal process.  
Read more about the renewal of residence permit on the Migration Agency’s website

Is there anything in that I should think about regarding remote learning?
As a student, you are responsible for your own study situation and it is important that you establish good routines and a functioning structure for your homework, and that you take advantage of the information and instructions which are being continuously updated on websites and platforms.

Studentportalen has tips on how to make your studies work as smoothly as possible. The Study Counsellor for your programme can also support you in this situation and is available on weekdays via email or phone. 
Contact information can be found here

What if I miss other forms of compulsory assessments because I get sick?
The same rules apply as for courses on campus. That is, if you miss compulsory assessments due to illness, you need to compensate for them later. Contact your examiner to discuss further if this occurs. 

I don't have my own computer, what should I do?
As a student with a pass card, you can use the computer labs on campus as usual.

I need special programs to continue my course, that I do not have on my personal computer, what should I do?
The computer labs on campus are open and you can work there if you need to. You can also connect to the Chalmers student computers remotely so that you can access software from home.

Use student computers from home
You will find instructions on how to remotely access the StuDAT computers in the student computer halls in the link below.
Instructions on how to use the StuDAT computers​

Does my insurance apply when I study remotely?
Personal injury insurance for students, which is  an accident insurance that you, as a student, are covered by during school hours/internships in Sweden, does not apply if you study or participate in online education from home, at city libraries and so on. For accidents at home, you must have your own home insurance.

For students who are covered by one of the policies Student IN / FAS / FAS plus and choose to stay in Sweden and participate in distance education, the insurance applies as usual. If you want to cancel your studies or participate in distance education from your home country, the trip to your home country is not covered. You are also not covered by any insurance from the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency in your home country, even if you conduct remote study at a Swedish college or university.

What tools should we as students use to collaborate?
Chalmers has no specific recommendations here. It is possible to form groups in Canvas and also use Microsoft Teams​, which contains many functions for sharing information, having digital meetings and communicating. You can log in with your Chalmers account. It is also possible to use other communication and collaboration platforms which are available.

May teachers record livestreamed lectures and publish it on Canvas? 

Recording a lecture constitute personal data processing if a student risks being included picture or having their speech recorded. To minimize the risks of personal data being spread without a student's approval, the lecturer should start by telling them that the lecture will be recorded and that those who do not want to risk being caught on picture / sound may turn off their camera and ask any questions via chat instead of by speech. The filmed lecture may only be shared in a closed Canvas room open only to the course participants and may not be used in future teaching (eg. if the lecture were to be given online another time). The filmed lecture must also be deleted after the course is completed.​​

Page manager Published: Wed 18 May 2022.