Counselling for students

If you have problems with your emotional wellbeing and you need someone to talk to about your feelings and mental health you can always turn to the counsellor. It is better to take care of your health in time than to wait too long. Many students find themselves in unsustainable situations which is possible to overcome with the right support.

You can turn to the counsellor if you find yourself in a situation where you need support and advice – not necessarily related to your studies. You can also turn to the counsellor if you are going through a crisis in your personal life or some other serious event.

The counsellor offers psychosocial counselling and conversational support. You can also get help with exploring the cause behind your problems.

Should you need health care treatment, the counsellor can in consultation with you find the right help. The counsellor offers a limited number of sessions that aims to get a better health or guides further to the right place in the healthcare system. Early intervention is important to prevent mental illness. The counsellor also works with health promotion and prevention efforts.

To book an appointment, send an e-mail to: 
The counsellor can meet you at both our campuses'  Johanneberg and Lindholmen. You can also book a digital meeting via Zoom.

​How quickly you can get an appointment depends on how great the demand for conversations is. In some periods, it can take longer. The counsellor and the study guidance counsellors work together to support the students. Therefore always contact your student guidance counsellor if you are worried about something that has to do with your studies. The student guidance counsellors also have professional support conversations and are bound to confidentiality. ​

You can also contact the student health center:
Phone number: 010-810 81 92 open Monday – Friday 08:00-17:00
or send an e-mail to​

Page manager Published: Thu 24 Feb 2022.