Information to students in risk group for Covid-19

Do you, or a person in your household, belong to a risk group for Covid-19? In that case, you have the right to apply for remotely based education in courses that do not already have remote teaching and examination. To be entitled to apply, a certificate from a physician/psychologist or equivalent is required.

Who can apply for remotely based education?

Any student who belongs to a risk group for Covid-19, or is living with a person who belongs to a risk group, and who can prove this with a certificate from a physician/psychologist or equivalent, has the right to apply for remotely based education.

How do I apply? 

You apply by sending an e-mail to the risk group administrator, Annelie Hämäläinen Levin​.​

The e-mail should include your full name, Chalmers/Swedish identity number, the name of your program, course codes and course names for the relevant courses. You must also attach the medical certificate that states that you, or a person you live with, belong to a risk group.

After this you will receive a Chalmers certificate from the risk group officer, stating your right to apply for remotely based education. 

What do I do with the Chalmers certificate?

After receiving the Chalmers certificate, you are responsible for contacting the relevant examiners to present the certificate and discuss the adaptation of the studies in your upcoming courses.

Who makes the decision about the right of remotely based education??​

The decision is primarily taken by the examiner in a course. In case of uncertainty, the decision is taken by the vice head of the responsible department.

What adaptation in a course might be possible?

You will be able to take part in exercises, lectures, examination, etc. through digital media. Some parts may be postponed and done at a later date. 

What happens if it is not possible to have remotely based education in a course?

If remotely based education is not possible, you may instead be offered an individual study plan or a study break. In this case, you need to contact your program student guidance counsellor for the planning of your studies.

How long time in advance do I have to apply?

You need to apply as soon as possible before the course starts. The examiners must have a reasonable time to make the adjustments in the course that need to be made.  

How can I be sure that personal details are not exposed?

The risk group administrator has a duty of confidentiality and will not pass on details of your personal circumstances. The Chalmers certificate only states that you have the right to apply for remote based education due to Covid-19 risk group. It will not state for what reasons you or anyone close to you belong to a risk group. 

For how long time is the Chalmers certificate valid? 

The Chalmers certificate is valid throughout the period that Chalmers applies teaching in mixed form due to the Covid-19 pandemic.


Page manager Published: Fri 27 Aug 2021.