How teaching will be carried out at Chalmers in the spring 2021

During the spring semester, Chalmers will continue to conduct education in a mixed format, with some parts carried out on campus, and some parts digitally. Our ambition is to increase the amount of campus-based education and contact between teachers and students as much as possible in the spring semester while following the official recommendations​ and risk assessments. 

Students in programmes that are integrated between Chalmers and the University of Gothenburg will be informed about how to act if there are decisions that differ between the two institutions.

International students need to be at campus at the start of the semester

  • International students who have begun their studies remotely must show up at Chalmers no later than the start of the spring semester, 18 January, 2021 if they are to continue their studies during the spring. Students who cannot appear on campus by the start of the spring semester 2021 may apply for a study break and resume their studies later. If you have questions, contact your study guidance counsellor or read more about how to apply for study break at the Student Portal.
  • If you are unable to arrive in time for the spring semester 2021 and have already paid the tuition fee for the semester, you can have it refunded. An application for this must have been received by Chalmers no later than the start of the semester on 18 January 2021. You can send your application for a refund to

Exchange studies under certain conditions 

  • Chalmers has decided to accept incoming exchange students and nominate our own students for outgoing exchange programmes. Incoming exchange students may carry out their exchange if their home university permits it, and there are no entry restrictions from their country to Sweden. In addition, the student must arrive at Chalmers for their studies. If this is not possible at the start of the semester, the examiner may decide whether the student can join later – and if so, when. 
  • For outgoing students, the exchange may be carried out if there are no travel restrictions to the destination country. Even if the studies take place remotely, the student must be physically in the destination country during the exchange period, for insurance and scholarships to apply. It may be possible to be at Chalmers for a study period and then join the exchange university if there is room on the Chalmers courses and everything can be arranged to fit in with the study planning. 
  • Do you have questions about exchange studies, contact your CIM-coordinator​.

Decisions are subjects to change 

Please note that the current decisions about the education in the spring semester can change due to external circumstances. 

Published: Mon 09 Nov 2020.