Tuition fees and registration for fee paying students

The information on this page is for students who are obligated to pay tuition fee in order to study at Chalmers. The status fee-paying or exempted is determined for each student when the application is done at

Tuition fee invoice

You find your tuition fee invoice in the Pay Portal. For the first semester you will receive an email with instruction on how to login. After that you will only receive an email when the invoice is available in the portal. 
Invoice for semester
Available in the Pay Portal Due date
2 15 November 15 December
3 End of June/Beginning of July 15 August
4 15 November 15 December
If you have questions regarding your invoice or payment please send an email to:

Method of payment

You can pay your tuition fee by credit card in the Pay Portal or by wire transfer. Please note that payment by wire transfer can take a week before it is registered and the status is changed in the Pay Portal. Information regarding bank account etc can be found in the Pay Portal.

Exempted from fee

Students who have started an educational programme (Master of science in engineering 90/120/300credits) in the spring semester 2011 or prior, have the right to complete studies without paying tuition fees. However, the education must be completed by 31 December 2018.
An assessment of tuition fee status will be made upon change of educational program.

Course registration and course selection

You select your courses in the service "Select courses" during the time for the course selection. From the autumn semester 2018 you must register yourself on each course you want to study. Please note that you can't do your registration if you haven’t paid the tuition fee and it can take up to one week before your payment is registered. You do your course registration during the registration period. You'll find the dates in the Academic Year.

You will receive information in your Chalmers student email when the course selection is open.
Course selection - see information for fee paying students
Course selection in study period 2 - see information for fee paying students

Published: Wed 29 Aug 2012. Modified: Tue 10 Apr 2018