How to sign up for examinations - FAQ

Compulsory registration for the exam

In order to write the exam you must sign up/register for the exam. If you are not registered to the exam, you must wait until the next re-exam period. You will not be allowed to enter the examination hall if you haven't signed up. No exceptions are made.

When do I sign up for my exams?

See the dates of the registration periods and the examination periods in The academic year - dates and times. Take the opportunity to register for the exams when registering for your courses!

The academic year - dates and times

How do I sign up for exams?

Log in to My startpage and use the service Examination, sign-up. You need to navigate to each course and select the tab "Result" to sign up. The exam code appears on the page when you have signed up.
Examination, sign-up

Guide, how to sign up for exams (pdf)

You will receive a confirmation of your exam registration

A confirmation that you have signed up to the examination, or cancelled your registration to the examination, is sent to you by email and to the email address you have stated in your student-Ladok.
Save the confirmation, it contains time and place for the exam and your exam code (anonymization code).

Cancellation of exam registrations

You can cancel your exam registration one day before the examination date, at the latest, in the service Examination, sign-up.

I want to improve my grade

To sign up for an exam in a course which you have passed to raise your grade, log in to My startpage and use the service View passed courses. Under the tab Completed education your courses appear under Completed. Under Result a new exam may be published for registration. Check the box I want to apply and click on Apply.

The grade of a course can be improved as long as the course has an exam. If the course code is changed and no exams are given you can't improve your grade.

Bring your exam code to the exam

When you sign up a personal code is created to handle anonymous written exams. You must bring the code to the exam and write it on all sheets.

How do I sign up for exams given by the department?

If the exam is marked "Given by dept", contact the department responsible for the course to sign up, and for information about the examination.

When shall I contact the Student Centre to sign up for exams?

In the following cases you can't use the service and must contact the Student Centre.

- The course you are registered for has a new code, or is replaced by a new course.

- The exam you want to sign up for is not listed in the service, because you're not registered on the course.

- You are a doctoral student and want to sign up for an exam.

Send an email to the Student Centre:, with the following information at the latest on the same day as registration closes:

  • Personal identity number
  • Name
  • Course code
  • Course name

Two exams simultaneously

If you have two exams simultaneously you might change the time for one of them. Contact the Examination Administration Office at ten working days before the examination date, at the latest. 

Double examination

Special aid

If you need special aid contact the Examination Administration Office at ten working days before the examination period, at the latest. 

Published: Mon 21 Sep 2009. Modified: Mon 10 Jun 2019