Examination during autumn semester 2021

According to a decision (C2021-1394​ ) from the President, Chalmers will return to examinations according to the prescribed syllabus from the start of the semester. 

The decision means that Chalmers will return to mainly having exams on campus. In some courses, there will continue to be other forms of examination or zoom-supervised examination conducted remotely.​

Please follow the Swedish Public Health Agency's recommendations to reduce the spread of Covid-19
  • If you show cold symptoms - stay at home.
  • Keep your distans.
  • Wash your hands/ use hand sanitizer.
Hand sanitizer will be provided in the examination hall. It is allowed to bring and wear a face mask. 

The following applies 30 August 2021 – 16 January 2022: 

  • To "plus" (retaking an exam in a course you have already passed, to raise its grade) is allowed again from the October period, but only provided that the examination form has not changed. The exam must be conducted on campus.​
  • The examiner can shorten the exam time.
  • Double examination is not possible if any of the exams are given digital and conducted remotely​.
  • Exams carried out remotely are not anonymous. In cases where exams are carried out on campus, the ordinary regulations apply, and students will be anonymous to the examiner.
  • No other university’s examinations may be carried out at Chalmers.  
  • All aids are allowed if the exam is carried out remotely. However, it is not permitted to cooperate with or take help from another person. In cases where exams are carried out on campus, the ordinary regulations apply, and the examiner decides which aids may be used.​
  • Students who need support with remote examinations due to technical conditions should receive it.
    Contact the examiner for discussion.
  • All examinations must be grade-differentiated between levels U, 3, 4, 5 if specified in the syllabus and test all the learning objectives that would have been tested at regular exams.
  • Compulsory registration for the exam. See The academic year – dates and times​ for registration dates.  

Students with examination adaptions 

Students with a Nais certificate who are eligible for extended exam time have the opportunity to test with extended exam time or receive other adaptations to the examination. Students with extended exam time due to disabilities do not need to report this in advance. See the link below for more information about this.

Information for students with special needs​

The Nais decision does not include Dugga. In the event of a problem, the student must contact their examiner to ask about the possibility of adaptation. Duggor is organized by each examiner and it is the examiner who decides on and satisfies the adaptation. The examiner should, on request, see the student's Nais certificate before a decision is made and the student needs to contact the examiner well in advance of the date for the exam.​


Page manager Published: Mon 01 Nov 2021.