At the examination you show what you have learned during your education. Different formats of examinations are used within the university. Most common is written examination, but laboratory work or a project presentation are also common. In the course PM the examiner informs about the course's examination, the date of the regular exam and the first re-exam. 

Approved calculators on the exams

The examiner decides which aids may be used on the exam which are stated in the course-PM and the exam thesis. If the examiner states "Chalmers Approved calculators" These are models approved:
  • Casio FX-82
  • Sharp EL-W531
  • Texas TI-30​

Anonymous written exams

The student Unions in Sweden have pursuing the issue of anonymous written exams. To minimize the risk of that the teachers unconsciously are biased by knowing who has written the exam. A student must know that he/she is evaluated by his/her results and that the evaluation is not affected by i.e. gender, religion or ethnic origin. The student cannot be anonymous if the teacher answers questions during the exam or during the review of the evaluation, or at oral exams and project presentations.

Compulsory registration

In order to write the exam you must sign up/register for the exam. If you are not registered, you must wait until the next exam period. When you sign up a code is generated. You must bring the exam code and a valid ID to the exam, the code shall be stated on all sheets and the cover sheet. The supervisor will check the code and your ID.

Project courses "Given by dept"

Project courses often have flexible exam dates, in the syllabus it is described as "Given by dept". Contact the department responsible for the course to sign up, and for information about the examination. When the department is responsible for the exam, the same rules Examinations apply as for the other examinations.

The regulations for planning courses and examinations at Chalmers, you can find on the link below.

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Do you have questions about examinations, please contact:

The Examination Administration Office, Johanneberg
031-772 1935
E-mail: tentamen.stodet@chalmers.se
The Examination Administration Office, Lindholmen
031-772 1935 or 031-772 4023

Phone hours: Monday - Friday at 9 AM - 2 PM
Lunch: at 12.00 AM - 13.00 PM ​


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