Different forms of examinations are used within the university. Most common is written examination. The examiner is responsible for the examinations. If no students are registered for an examination, it will be cancelled.
It's important that you bring a valid identification and that you're registered for exams that are published in the Student Portal. Otherwise you're not allowed to do any examination.
The examiner provides information about the examinations for the course (form, date of normal examinations and of the first re-sit opportunity, aids and so on) in the course aide-memoire. This is particularly important when other examination forms than written exams in an examination hall are used. 
When approved calculators are allowed, the following calculators are accepted:
Casio FX-82..., Texas TI-30... and Sharp EL-W531...

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Questions about examinations

The Examination Administration Office, Johanneberg
031-772 5961, 031-772 8888
E-mail: tentamen.stodet@chalmers.se
The Examination Administration Office, Lindholmen
031-772 1935

Open: Monday - Friday at 9 AM - 2 PM
Lunch: at 11:30 AM - 12.30 PM 

Published: Thu 01 Oct 2009. Modified: Mon 11 Sep 2017