Students with special needs

Extended time at written exams

Students with special needs may be granted an adjusted examination. A student can be granted 50 % extended time, Text-to-speech software or other aids in the course or exam situation. 

Register and apply in Nais

At first, you have to register and apply in Nais

Exam adaptions - You need a valid Nais certificate

Those of you who have a valid Nais certificate with approved exam adaptation no longer need to make a separate application for an adapted exam to the exam administration/examiner. 

  • You are responsible for ensuring that your Nais certificate is valid. 
  • Login to and see which date applies to the Nais certificate. 
  • If the certificate has an expiration date that is close in time, send an e-mail to​.
  • If the certificate has expired, an application must be made again. 
  • Should parts of the granted support not be used on the exam, notify
  • You must be registered for the exams in Ladok.

Students at the University of Gothenburg needs

  • A Nais certificate from the disability coordinator. 
  • Apply for adapted support from the department, the application is granted throughout the whole study period. 
  • Send an email to the exam administration 10 days in advance and announce their adaptation before each exam.


Page manager Published: Tue 15 Dec 2020.