Students with special needs

During the period with distance examination due to the corona pandemic, different rules apply to the examination than normal. For current information, see the page: Examination during the covid-19 pandemic​.

Extended time at written exams

Students with special needs may be granted a adjusted examination. A student can be granted extended time, Text-to-speech software or other aids in the course or exam situation. 

Register and apply in Nais

At first you have to register and apply in Nais

You also need to contact you teacher and show the the granted aids from Funka. The teacher takes the final decision on, what aids can be granted in a course or exam situation.

Questions about Nais? Please contact:

If you have ve a documented disability for written exams, please e-mail 10 working days prior to the exam with the following information:

  • The date and time for the exam
  • Your name and examination code
  • Course code and subjects
  • The extra resources you have ve in your certification

You must be registered for the exams in Ladok.

Contact for students with special needs

Students with examination adaptions 

Due to the covid-19 pandemic. Special routines for distance exams​

Students with a Nais certificate who have been granted an extended period of time by Funka have the opportunity to take an exam with a 50% extended time. In normal cases, an adapted examination is reported to the examination administration, but during the autumn of 2020, you will instead turn to your examiner. This applies to both distance exams and exams on the campus.​

The student is responsible for reporting to the examiner which adjustments have been decided on and recommended in Nais. This must be done at least 10 working days before the adapted examination. In digital form, the student presents his or her Nais message to the examiner, who makes an appropriate adaptation of the examination. The examiner then sends a list to the exam administration with the students who will write with extended time.​​​

Published: Thu 01 Oct 2020.