Students with special needs

Exam adaptions - You need a valid Nais certificate

In order for you to be granted an adjusted examination you must have a valid Nais-certificate. If you do not have a valid certificate 10 workdays before the exam period Chalmers is unable to grant you an adjusted examination. If possible you should apply for a certificate before the start of term as the Funka-office are very busy at the beginning of each term.   ​

Register and apply in Nais

First you have to register and apply in Nais

Those who have a valid Nais certificate with approved exam adaptation do not have to make a separate application for an adapted exam to the exam administration/examiner during standard exams, except for home exams and duggor – see “Extended time and adjustments during written exams” for further details. 

  • You are responsible for ensuring that your Nais certificate is valid. 
  • Login to and see which date applies to the Nais certificate. 
  • If the certificate has an expiration date that is close in time, send an e-mail to​.
  • If the certificate has expired, an application must be made again. 
  • Should parts of the granted support not be used on the exam, notify
  • You must be registered for the exams in Ladok.

The following applies to adjusted examinations

Your Nais certificate and approved adjustments will not be visible in Ladok, but the exam administration have access to this information. 
You will receive an e-mail ca. 4 days before the exam, specifying the location and when you need to be there. Tell your examiner where you will be sitting. When you arrive the exam guards will be aware of what adjustments and aids you need and will assist you. 

Exams taken at Campus Johanneberg

Students with adjusted examinations have previously been directed to Samhällsbyggnad SB2, but there are premises used at Mechanical Engineering building/M-huset now as well. You will find the location and instructions in the e-mail from the exam administration before your exam. If you are unsure where to go you can always turn to the exam office in each building. 

Location: Samhällsbyggnadshuset SB2 (Civil Engineering building)
Adress: Sven Hultins gata 6
Exam office: Take a right inside the main entrance, take elevator E or the stairs to the third floor.

Location: M-huset, Mechanical Engineering building
Adress: Hörsalsvägen 7A
Exam office: From the main entrance, head straight on towards the Omega group room, keep on the right and pass Café Bulten. The exam office is straight ahead beyond the glass doors. 

Exams taken at Campus Lindholmen

Location: Saga building, exam halls are listed on message board at the main entrance
Adress: Hörselgången 4
Exam office: Saga building, ground floor

Extended time and adjustments during written exams

Students with special needs may be granted an adjusted examination. We strive to accommodate everyone and find the best possible adjustment. A student can be granted 50% extended time, Text-to-speech software or other aids in the course or exam situation.  

  • Students who are granted extended exam time and have a valid Nais certificate do not have to apply separately in advance. These students will automatically be given extended time when they sign up for hall exams and remote examinations via Zoom. 
  • The Nais certificate does not include home exams or dugga. The student must contact the examiner in advance to request any possible adjustments. 
  • The student should contact the examiner no later than 10 days before the home exam/dugga. The student must be able to show a valid Nais certificate.  
  • Students who are granted extended exam time will have 50% extended writing time. If the exam has a standard running time of 4 hours you can stay and write an additional 2 hours during morning exams. Extended time for afternoon exams start two hours ahead of the regular start time at 12:00 rather than 14:00. Students with extended exam time cannot take double examinations. 

Students at the University of Gothenburg require​

  • A Nais certificate from the disability coordinator. 
  • Apply for adapted support from the department, the application is granted throughout the whole study period. 
  • Send an email to the exam administration 10 days in advance and announce your adaptation before each exam.


Page manager Published: Wed 25 May 2022.