Number of examinations

During the autumn semester of 2021, Chalmers will gradually return to more campus-based examinations. During the examination periods in October, however, certain exams will continue to be conducted remotely or with other forms of examination, which means that different rules apply to the examination. For current information, see the page:​
Examination during autumn semester 2021​

For courses that are compulsory, elective or compulsory elective in any program syllabus, there must be three examination dates per academic year.​ One of the examinations is to be given during the August period. 

At least four retakes, evenly distributed over the two years that follow the last academic year a course was offered, must be given for a course that has been removed from the programme. For courses which are elective or compulsory elective, at least one examination date shall be offered. A student can take an examination an unlimited number of times, as long as the course is offered.​

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Page manager Published: Thu 23 Sep 2021.