Exam in the examination hall

  • Be on time in the examination hall. The examination hall opens 30 minutes before the stipulated start time. Because ID checks are carried out at the entrance to the exam hall, it is important that you are on time
  • Students are obliged to present a valid photo ID The following are considered a valid photo ID: valid passport, Swedish national ID card, Swedish driving licence, Swedish SIS-marked ID card, or ID card issued by a government authority. Only students with a valid photo ID may complete the examination.
  • You do not need to present the valid student union card as it is automatically checked for all students enrolled in the exam. However, you will need to show a student union card/mecenat or receipt of the paid union fee if the invigilator has no information of your payment.​
  • Remember to bring the anonymous code to the exam room (from Ladok for Student ). Students are obliged to write their anonymous code on every sheet that they turn in, as well as on the cover. 
  • Snacks may be eaten in the examination room as long as it does not disturb other students. Due to allergies, students are not allowed to bring peanuts, other legumes or almond.
Length of the examination:
A written examination normally lasts for four hours and starts at 8.30 in the morning or 14.00 in the afternoon.
Students with special needs, granted an 50 % extended time, start exam 8.30 in the morning or 12.00 in the afternoon.

​​Regulations during the written examination

  1. Students shall always follow the instructions of the invigilator without delay.
  2. Place personal belongings such as jackets, bags in the designated place in the room. Mobile phones, smartwatches and other unauthorized electronic equipment must be switched off and stored among personal belongings.
  3. The examiner decides which aids may be used during the examination session. These shall be clearly specified in the course description and on the examination paper. Students are obliged to read the instructions prior to sitting the examination, and to follow them. This includes the obligation to know which aids are authorised. Students may not borrow aids from each other during the examination.
  4. Mobile phones, smartwatches and similar electronic devices are considered unauthorised aids, unless otherwise permitted by the examiner and specified in the course description and on the examination paper. Mobile phones and other unauthorised electronic devices shall be switched off and kept with other personal belongings.
  5. Seating list - Each student shall write their name (legibly), Swedish personal identity number, and anonymous code(received at the time of registration) on the seating list. In cases where the examinations are scanned, preprinted cover pages are used and it is not necessary for the student to fill in this information.
  6. During the examination session, students are forbidden from talking to other students or outsiders, both in the examination room and when visiting the toilet.
  7. Writing paper, cover and answer sheets Only writing paper handed out by the invigilator may be used. In other words, students may not bring their own scratch paper or writing paper to the examination room..All writing paper shall be returned to the invigilator when the examination is over, including unused paper. Red pencils may not be used.
  8. The examiner or a teacher appointed by the examiner shall visit the examination rooms twice.
  9. Students may leave the examination room no earlier than 60 minutes after the scheduled start time of the examination. Even students who do not intend to complete the examination (turn it in blank) are subject to this rule.
  10. A student may only take one or two short breaks during the examination to visit the toilet, but no earlier than 60 minutes after the scheduled start time. Because smoking is prohibited in all Chalmers premises, smoking breaks are not permitted during the examination.
  11. Examination is concluded - The invigilator will announce when 15 and 5 minutes remain until the end of the examination. Students are obliged to complete the examination within the given time. They must also have filled in their anonymous code and page numbers on all sheets being turned in within this time. Students shall personally turn in their examination script, including unused writing paper, to the invigilator, and then collect their belongings and immediately leave the room without returning to their seats. The invigilator shall verify the number of answer sheets turned in against the number that the student has written on the cover.

Page manager Published: Thu 17 Feb 2022.