Exam at another university

Guidelines for Distance Examinations for Chalmers students

In case of extraordinary circumstances, you may be able to take a distance exam in Sweden or abroad.

  • The examiner decides if an exam may be held as a distance exam.
  • The exam must be held at the same time as the exam at Chalmers.
  • The examiner must make sure there is a contact person at the other university and that the university is willing to provide a supervisor and, if required, a special computer for the exam during the same time (up to an hour later) as the exam at Chalmers.
  • The examiner sends the exam via email or registered letter to the contact person, with the rules and regulations for exam guards “Lathund för tentmanesvakt” attached.
  • The examiner and the contact person agree on how the result should be communicated to the examiner.
  • In this case, the department takes care of all contact and the handling of the examination, not the Examination Administration Office.
  • Any service charge at the other university is paid by the student.

Guidelines for external students wishing to take Distance Examinations at Chalmers   ​

  • The student must follow Chalmers’ exam times which usually start at 08:30 and 14:00 respectively. 
  • Chalmers must have exams planned for the specific date and time
  • A complete application must be submitted no later than 10 days before the date of the exam. 
Submit the following information to tentamen.stodet@chalmers.se
  1. Name
  2. Phone number and e-mail adress
  3. University / Institution 
  4. Course / Subject / Exam time
  5. Name and phone number of the contact person
The student will register at the examination office in the specified building before the exam starts on the day of the exam to be assigned a room. The student is not charged for this service.

The exam paper must be sent to the Examination Administration Office no later than 2 days before the exam through email or registered letter.  Tentamenstesen ska ha kommit till tentamensadministrationen senast två arbetsdagar före aktuellt tentamensdatum via post eller e-post. To cancel your exam you must contact tentamen.stodet@chalmers.se​ well in advance. 

Exams when aboard or during internships 

Students who have ship-based training may during certain circumstances take exams aboard, or elsewhere, during the ship-based training. Application is made by filling in the forms below. If you have any questions regarding exams during ship-based training, please contact the Student Office at the department of Mechanics and Maritime Sciences studentadm.m2@chalmers.se​

Page manager Published: Wed 09 Mar 2022.