Exam at another university

During the autumn semester of 2021, Chalmers will gradually return to more campus-based examinations. During the examination periods in October, however, certain exams will continue to be conducted remotely or with other forms of examination, which means that different rules apply to the examination. For current information, see the page:​
Examination during autumn semester 2021​

​Guidelines for Distance Examination

In case of extraordinary circumstances, you may be able to take a distance exam in Sweden or abroad. A distance exam may only be held at another university. In exceptional cases, the exam may take place elsewhere on the corresponding forms of the exam.

  • The examiner decides if an exam may be held as a distance exam.
  • The examiner has to make sure there is a contact person at the other university and that the university is willing to provide a supervisor and, if required, a special computer for the exam. The exam must be held at the same time (up to one hour later) as the exam at Chalmers.
  • The examiner sends the exam via email or registered letter to the contact person.
  • The examiner and the contact person agree on how the result should be communicated to the examiner.
  • In this case, the department takes care of all contact and the handling of the examination, not the Examination Administration Office.
  • Any service charge at the other university is paid by the student.

Page manager Published: Thu 30 Sep 2021.