Digital Examination

​ A digital exam you will write on your laptop or on a computer in a computer room. To host a digital examination Chalmers are using a system and a cloud service called Inspera Assesment. For all examinations, digital and analogue, you must be registered for the examination. If you do not register, you will not be able to write the examination.
To be able to write a digital examination in Inspera, you most download Safe Exam Browser (SEB) to your computer. SEB is a locked browser that will give you access to Inspera, but nothing else on the internet or on your computer. When SEB is downloaded to your computer, Inspera will find and calibrate your computer. To make sure that SEB is correctly downloaded, visit Inspera and test a Demo examination. 

 Screenshot from Safe Exam Breowser

Screenshot from Inspera

Bring your laptop to the examination room

Bring your computer to the examination room. Extension cords will be provided, but to be on the safe side, charge the battery as much as possible. Since you know your laptop, it is best to use your own device. If you do not have a laptop, you can book a Chalmers computer. If all our computer rooms are fully booked, we will print the exam and you will write it on paper.

If you need to book a computer, send an email to the examination administration, with the following information minimum 5 working days before the examination:
  • Name
  • Course code
  • Anonymous examination code

How to prepare for the digital exam

To prepare you laptop, download and install the Safe Exam Browser (SEB). To make sure you have the right version of SEB and your laptop complies with the system requirements. Follow the instructions on the links below to Inspera homepage.
System requirements

On the examination day

  • Arrive 30 min before the examination starts
  • Turn on your computer and connect to Eduroam with you CID ( and CID password
  • Open a browser and login to Inspera with your CID and CID password. The examination invigilator will provide the SEB password before the examination starts.
  • When you are writing the examination, Inspera will save your exam in the cloud service. If you lose Wi-Fi connection, the exam will be saved as a local copy and saved in the cloud service as soon as the connection is reestablished.
If you haven’t connected your laptop to Eduroam, try to connect well before the examination. This way, you have time to contact IT support if there are problems with your computer account (CID). We cannot solve problems with CID on the examination day. 

Grading, result and feedback

To view your results, points and feedback, login to Inspera with your CID and CID password. Under archive you can see your final grade and feedback from the examiner. You will also find a copy of your answers and on the last page you can see a summary of the points you received. If you are having trouble seeing your results, try to clear the cookies in your browser. If this does not work, please contact the examination administration. ​

Page manager Published: Mon 01 Nov 2021.