Looking for Master's thesis

Are you looking for a Master’s thesis? It's really not that much difference between looking for Master’s thesis and job hunting in general, so Careers Service job hunting guide is also useful when looking for Master’s thesis.

For many students, the Master’s thesis is a first step towards the labour market and an initial preparation for employment. Perhaps it is through your thesis you one day will get employed. After years of hard studies, where structure and guidance has been a platform, you are now to solve many issues on your own. In this case; to find a company or somewhere in academia to do your thesis at - and of course, to find a thesis topic. The Master’s thesis might also be your first major responsibility to run a project so it is important that you are motivated and have a drive to finish. It is therefore necessary to increase your self-awareness and reflect on what is important for you - Who am I? What can I do? What do I want?

In your program you will be informed about the formalities about Master’s thesis, namely those specific for Chalmers and your program. For example how to get the work approved and get the degree etc. Certainly, some of you also get other useful information at the program.

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