A battery of tests may be used as an extra part of the interview. There are all different kinds of approaches – it may be set up so that after the initial screening process based on your job application, you are tested then interviewed – or the other way around. Some testing may be general and brief; others may be in-depth and take all day – although that in general is only for higher managerial positions.

You may be asked to fill in a test as part of a job application – these ones are of limited use. Other tests during the process will provide more input and you can always ask for input on your results. Some tests will look to your technical knowledge or verbal skills, for example, while others are personality and motivation tests.

Remember that personality and motivation tests can never be “wrong”! You might not fit the profile for the job and that’s fine because you would most likely not have enjoyed the job. You are who you are and the more you know about yourself, the better you can be at finding a job that suits you well and that you enjoy doing.

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Page manager Published: Thu 22 Dec 2011.