Looking for work internationally

The idea of working internationally is an attractive one for many of you. Some of you are already studying internationally here at Chalmers and are interested in heading off to new markets once you graduate. Others of you are from Sweden and, like your international colleagues, are also interested in working abroad. But how can you get started?

Like any other topic, you need to do some research on the subject. Where are you interested in working? The rules for qualified individuals finding work internationally vary from country to country. Go out to government web sites and see what they ask for. Check into the green card system in the US and see how it works, or review other countries points systems or different possibilities. Can you obtain a short-term working visa? Is the company looking in particular for people with your skills?

At this level of education, your opportunities for international work are good, but getting there is not easy. Check out university job postings and domestic job sites, as well as the larger newspapers and technical magazines for the country or region you are interested in.

Applying directly to companies and research institutions is a good way to go – if you have what they are looking for, they will take care of the administrative obstacles. However when you send in your resume, cover letters and whatever documentation they may have requested, please make sure that it is done in the standard that they expect. Standards for resumes vary from Germany to Australia to Chile so do a bit of research on this. Check out on the web, it isn’t too hard to find specific information, and local universities can be of help as well. For example, checking into the career section of a university web site in Tokyo would probably give you a good start up on applying for work in Japan.

Also remember that multinationals offer excellent international possibilities and they are always looking for trainees and graduates who are willing to move. The options include looking for work with a multinational located in your own country, or searching via the company’s main web site.

If you speak Swedish, you can find information on Arbetsförmedlingens web page (Employment Center) about things to consider when looking for work abroad. You can also attend seminars on the topic.

At Chalmers there are useful organizations that use their collective strength to find job opportunities abroad for Chalmerists. The organizations are CETAC and the USA committee. Their target market is North America. You can be a member during your time as a student at Chalmers. You can also use your fellow students as a source of information – perhaps you’d like to work in their native countries and they can help you with some information.

Page manager Published: Thu 22 Dec 2011.