Getting started job hunting

Looking for work is a big project. It might be a part time or summer job or a full time job that you hope to find after you have finished your degree. As a student you have spent years working toward completing your education so you can work in your field of choice. After all the time spent studying, have you invested any time in planning for your working life?

A good start is to know yourself – what your strengths are, what you can offer, what you want to do and where you might be interested in working.

A successful job search is easier if you aren’t looking for just anything – the employer who feels that you are specifically interested in a certain position, will naturally be much more interested in you.

Review the material in this section to find out how to prepare yourself for your job search and where to get started. 

Good luck!

For a more comprehensive job hunting guide, check The Job Manual below (PDF).

The job manual

Page manager Published: Fri 12 Feb 2021.