Dress for the interview

The time to display your fashion sense or your individualism is not now. Now is the time to be conservative, to follow standard business dress and to err on the side of being too formal.

Even if some IT and engineering companies are informal or some offices talk about casual Fridays – make sure you are well-dressed. Too casual or informal will count against you in most circumstances. For both men and women a suit is the best bet.

Men - Make sure you polish your shoes and wear a tie. Be sure to wear dark socks or a colour that matches your pants – no white socks. And when you cross your legs no skin should be seen

Women – Keep your make-up and accessory level modest, and use very little perfume, if any.

Plan what you are going to wear at least two days in advance so you can buy those things you can’t find, wash that shirt, sew on buttons that are loose or buy new panty hose because the ones you were going to wear probably have a run in them.

Yes it is a bit different in Sweden, the standard for dressing is less formal, but still important. Still conservative. Make sure you dress neat and tidy, avoid jeans and t-shirts. Do dress up a bit, and if you wear dark pants don’t wear white socks.

Make sure you aren’t wearing a short skirt or showing too much skin. Sorry, but a belly showing t-top is inappropriate in the halls of Volvo! And guys, a stylish glimpse of your underwear as your jeans slide down your backside might not be met with much enthusiasm either.

Both men and women – make sure you keep jewelry and perfume levels modest.

Page manager Published: Mon 10 Oct 2016.