Cover letter - layout

Whether the cover letter is sent to a recruiter, an HR department or a hiring manager, there are certain parts that should be in place. 

Salutation and address – use their address at the top left hand position, just above your salutation – Dear Mrs. Lind, for example.

Think of a cover letter as a short, one page story. It has an opening, body and a conclusion

  • Opening – this is an attention getter that explains the purpose of the letter. Be sure to include the name of any reference person and the job you are applying for.
  • Body – this highlights education, skills and accomplishments and shows how useful you would be for the company.
  • Conclusion – ask for the interview
You may need to send in your letter in a fill-in-the-blanks form – do the best you can. If it is an attachment of your own, then set it up as a formal letter. Don’t write it into the email, but make it page one of your resume. Do be relevant and friendly in the email.

Name your document properly. That is: Your Name/Job application/job position.

Are you considering getting an online company to write your cover letter or your resume for you – then think again! Don’t be tempted! The employer wants to hear YOUR voice – not some generic results of your history with a spin doctor effect! It isn’t believable at all – so do it yourself – but get lots of help proofreading and commenting.

Page manager Published: Tue 10 Jan 2012.