Career fairs

A number of labour market days, career fairs and career evenings are organized every year by the Chalmers Student Union and various student societies. Labour market days are basically meeting places for students, the Swedish and international business community and the public sector. Labour market days provide opportunities to make contact with companies and obtain insights into the labour market and master's thesis.

Photo from Career fair Charm

Labour market days in 2018/19

Most of the links below, except for Charm, are in Swedish. Location within the parenthesis. Use the app ChalmersMap to locate it.

F-dagen - October 17

DateIT - November 15 (EDIT, next to restaurant Linsen).

I-dagen - November 27  (Vasa, Vera Sandbergs allé).​

VARM - November 20 (V-huset, foyer).

ZMARTdagen - November 22 (Maskinhuset, Studiehallen).

KARM - November 28 (Kemi, foyer).

HArm - 23 januari at 10-15 (Lindholmen Science Park).

CHARM - February 5-6  (For all students at Chalmers, spread all over Campus Johanneberg).

SJÖLOG: February 22 (Lindholmen Science Park).

Gösta: February 13 (Kuggen at Campus Lindholmen).

Arkipelago: February 27 (Ljusgården at House A)

Traineedagen Chalmers

The career fair is held on November 9, 2018 in Volvofoajén in the Student Union building at campus Johanneberg.


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