News related to Chalmers University of TechnologyWed, 14 Jul 2021 10:39:42 +0200–how-to-maximize-your-study-time.aspx, respect and cooperation – how to maximize your study time<p><b>​After more than a year of distance studies Chalmers Vice President and the new President for Chalmers Student Union are happy to welcome all students back to campus. “We are really looking forward to this,” says Vice President Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson.</b></p>​<div><span style="background-color:initial">Catrin Lindberg has just taken over the role as President of the Chalmers student union after five years of studies in Chemistry. Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson is Vice President of Education and lifelong learning at Chalmers. Both agree that the best things about Chalmers are the community and the collaboration between the university and the student union.</span><div><br /></div> <div>“It’s unique and something we should cherish,” says Catrin Lindberg.<img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Anpassade%20till%20meddelanden%20på%20personlig%20startsida/Storlek%20350x310/Anna%20och%20Catrin_I0A6226_350x305.jpg" class="chalmersPosition-FloatRight" alt="" style="margin:5px" /><br /><br /></div> <div>“Chalmers is a university with high ambition among both employees and students and there is a drive that is very inspiring,” says Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson. Catrin Lindberg President of the student union</div> <div><br /></div> <div>‘You cannot manage Chalmers alone’, Catrin Lindberg was told when she started her education at Chalmers and she emphasizes the importance of asking for help. She also says that it’s good to study with older students who have experience of the course you are studying and can help you understand, but also to ask teachers and classmates.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>“To get a good a start on your student life, I recommend you join the welcome activities,” says Catrin Lindberg.</div> <h2 class="chalmersElement-H2">Take care of each other</h2> <div>After a year where most education has been on distance due to the pandemic, Chalmers is looking forward to welcoming all students back to campus. </div> <div><br /></div> <div><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Anpassade%20till%20meddelanden%20på%20personlig%20startsida/Storlek%20350x310/Anna%20och%20Catrin_I0A6197_350x305.jpg" class="chalmersPosition-FloatLeft" alt="" style="margin:5px" />“Our ambition is for all students to have half of their scheduled time on campus in study period one this autumn,” says Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson. “We have been longing for this!”</div> <div>vice president Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson</div> <div>Both Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson and Catrin Lindberg underlines that it’s more important these days that we respect, care for, and help each other. </div> <div><br /></div> <div>“If you need support, regardless of whether you need study help or someone to talk to, you can always turn to your ‘phadder’, master programme director or your study counselor and ask for help who to contact,” says Catrin Lindberg. </div> <div><br /></div> <div>And Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson agrees.</div> <div>“Take a look around you and include the person standing next to you, especially the first few weeks when everyone is new to each other,” she says. </div> <div><br /></div> <div>She also emphasizes how important it is that everyone, both students and employees, stays home at the slightest symptom of illness, because the covid-19 pandemic is not over yet.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>“It is the only and very best way to protect us from the spread of infection,” she says. “And for that to work, the students need to keep in touch with each other to share their notes and things that happen with someone who is at home with symptoms so that they don’t miss out on anything important. And if you know that others keep you in mind if you are not well, it is easier to stay home,” says Anna Karlsson-Bengtsson.</div> <h2 class="chalmersElement-H2">Anna’s and Catrin’s three best tips to get a good start at Chalmers and in Gothenburg</h2> <div><strong>1. Join the welcome activities.</strong> CIRC (Chalmers International Reception Committee) will offer you a lot of events and adventures to join. Select the ones you are interested of and respect others who might not want to join. Include each other and take the chance to make new friends.</div> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>2. Explore the city of Gothenburg.</strong> Ride a bike, join the tram race or rent an electric scooter and get to know the city. Take a trip to Röda sten and look at the amazing views. Take the boat over to Lindholmen, swim in Delsjön or in the sea. Gothenburg also has one of Europe's most beautiful botanical gardens, where you can enjoy a picnic. Eventually you will find your own favorite place!</div> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>3. Get familiar with campus.</strong> Grab a ‘phadder’ and ask them to show you the best place to study. Remember that you do not have to sit where you usually have lectures. At Chalmers there is something for everyone, look at the union's website and on the Student Portal and discover associations, experiments and everything you can take part in.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Stay safe, have fun and above all – welcome to Chalmers!</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Text: Johanna Fasth</div> <span style="background-color:initial">Photo: Anna-Lena Lundqvist​</span></div>Wed, 14 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0200 learn about working environment<p><b>​How can I intervene when I see that someone in my surroundings is being mistreated? At Chalmers, students in Nautical Science and Marine Engineering will get a course that gives them tools and the ability to act in uncomfortable and discriminating situations. Known as the ‘Bystander intervention technique’, it is being taught as early as year 1. Pho​to: ​J-O Yxell/Chalmers</b></p>​<span style="background-color:initial">Since 2020, the mandatory, basic safety training, with a focus on maritime safety and personal security, includes workshops on how to protect yourself and others from harassment.</span><span></span><div></div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div><img src="" class="chalmersPosition-FloatRight" alt="Johan Hartler" style="margin:5px;height:145px;background-color:initial;width:220px" />The purpose of the courses’ workshops in Bystander intervention is to give students the ability to act during their studies, at a workplace or in private life where they experience harassment in any form. The fact that it is a part of the mandatory Basic safety training, in addition to fire safety and training in the usage of lifeboats is important, emphasises the Head of programme, Johan Hartler:</div> <div></div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div>“We want to highlight that the psychosocial work environment is very important too. To handle issues regarding harassment is important for creating a sustainable workplace, where people want to stay over a long period of time. Everyone should feel safe in the workplace and during their studies.”</div> <div></div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div>In addition to being able to think about and discuss concrete situations, students get to know more about theoretical background such as knowledge of what harassment is and to learn more about different grounds of discrimination.</div> <div></div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">#MeToo pointed out the way forward</h3> <div></div> <div>The ambition of creating a study and work environment free from harassment is an ongoing process at Chalmers. But as the #MeToo movement showed, there was more below the surface than what had previously been known, the university and the student union started the initiative Chalmers against sexism. This initiative resulted in a lot of concreate action, for example &quot;<a href="">Safe at Chalmers</a>&quot; was created – a digital platform where both employees and students can easily report experiences or occurrences of harassment. In addition, Chalmers has been deeply involved in the shipping industry's #Metoo initiative &quot;Vågrätt&quot;.</div> <div></div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div>The team behind the maritime programmes at Chalmers wanted to intensify their offer regarding knowledge of work environment and <span style="background-color:initial">therefore, </span><span style="background-color:initial">issues of harassment </span><span style="background-color:initial"> became a part of their Work Environment Days in 2018.</span></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div></div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div>The initiative in 2018 was appreciated by both students and the industry representatives who were on site during the Work Environment Days, and in 2019 the program received funding from the Foundation Sveriges sjömanshus to be able to continue working on harassment together with Linnaeus University. This work has now led to mandatory workshops in the technique Bystander intervention. It is now a part of the Basic safety training since the autumn of 2020. So far, 200 Chalmers students have participated in the workshops and 120 students from Linnaeus University. Johan Hartler has also been visiting the school Öckerö Sjöfartsgymnasium where he held an adjusted session for the students. He thinks that the response from all the students has been good.</div> <div></div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div>“The majority are very positive, but of course, everyone can’t be excited about it. Some people don’t want to absorb the content of the course. But through this initiative, we show what Chalmers ambition is and how we want our students to act when they enter the industry. The message is clear – harassment is totally unacceptable”.</div> <div></div> <div><h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">Great interest from the maritime ​sector</h3></div> <div></div> <div>There has been a great interest from the maritime sector since the Work Environment Days 2018 and several companies have contacted Johan Hartler and his colleagues at Linnaeus University to learn from their training concept in Bystander intervention.</div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div>&quot;We are in contact with several companies, including Skärgårdstrafiken and Gotlandsbolaget, and they want to try to get parts of our course content into their own internal safety trainings, which is great! This has become Chalmers' major contribution to the #Metoo initiative “Vågrätt”. To be able to influence the whole maritime sector in the right direction feels incredibly good!&quot;</div> <div></div> <div><br /></div> <div></div> <div><span style="font-weight:700">Text:</span> Julia Jansson</div> Fri, 02 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0200 group rooms summer 2021<p><b>​The following group rooms will be open for students all summer.​ ​</b></p>​<span style="font-weight:700;color:rgb(33, 33, 33);background-color:initial">Vasa:</span><div class="text-normal page-content"><p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px">The group rooms on Bondgatan<br /></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"><span style="font-weight:700">Fysik:<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">F6004<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">F4113<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">F4114<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">F4115</span></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"><span></span><span style="font-weight:700">Kemi:</span></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"><span style="background-color:initial">2198<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">2</span><span style="background-color:initial">198 A-E</span></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"><span style="font-weight:700">SBII:<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">SB-G210-214</span></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"><span style="font-weight:700">EDIT:<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">2448<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">EG-3207-3217 (when the renovation is done)</span></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"></p> <p class="chalmersElement-P" style="margin-bottom:10px"><span style="font-weight:700">M:<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">The Study hall<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">2129<br /></span><span style="background-color:initial">M1212A-M1212F</span></p></div>Fri, 02 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0200 to be a Digital Student Ambassador for Chalmers!<p><b>So what do Chalmers digital student ambassadors do? There are many students around the world who are interested in studying abroad. But they do not know much about Chalmers and Sweden.​ As a Chalmers Digital Student Ambassador you will share your stories and experiences of studying at Chalmers and living in Gothenburg and Sweden through our digital platforms to inspire such students. Basically, you'll be showing our followers how life here is like.​ ​</b></p>​​<span style="font-family:inherit;background-color:initial"></span><p>You are an important part of the Chalmers Marketing and Communications Team who work with international student communication and recruitment. There are two types od Digital Student Ambasadors at Chalmers. You can choose to join both types <span style="background-color:initial">if you wish</span><span style="background-color:initial">.</span></p> <ul><li>Chalmers Content Creators</li> <li>Chalmers Buddies</li></ul> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3"><strong>Chalmers Content Creator</strong></h3> <p>The aim of our content is always to <span style="background-color:initial">inspire, i</span><span style="background-color:initial">nform and/or e</span><span style="background-color:initial">ntertain. </span><span style="background-color:initial">As a Chalmers content creator you will be responsible for one of the following three areas even if you may actually work on all three.</span></p> <p></p> <ul><li><strong>Blogging:</strong> You’ll be writing several blog posts a month for the Chalmers Student blog. You should be comfortable with editing your posts according to the guidelines and suggestions given by us.</li> <li><strong>Video:</strong> You’ll be creating videos about studying at Chalmers and living in Gothenburg. You should be comfortable with all stages of the video-creating process – from brainstorming to filming and editing.</li> <li><strong>Pictures:</strong> You’ll be responsible for taking high quality pictures. These pictures may be used in blogs or as part of youtube videos but also be uploaded to Instagram. You must also be comfortable creating instagram stories, reels and taking part in Live broadcasts.</li></ul> <div>We look forward to your all content being experiential in nature and bringing your unique perspectives on the subjects that we can together identify as being interesting to both you and our prospective students.<br /></div> <div><br /></div> <p>​​We're looking for <strong>storytellers</strong>. It doesn't matter how you do it. The important part is that you love telling stories and know how to create engaging and inspiring content.​ All Chalmers Content Creators also respond to user comments. We would of course appreciate you joining the Chalmers Buddies team as well. You’ll be expected to spend up to 20 hours/month on your digital ambassador tasks. We will meet every month as a group to share experiences, learn new skills, swap ideas, and have a good time!</p> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3"><strong>Chalmers Unibuddies</strong></h3> <p>As a Chalmers Unibuddy you will help and inspire prospective students by answering questions and sharing your student experiences. You will work by using a mobile-app called Unibuddy where you will communicate with students from around the world.</p> <p>Know more about how we work with Unibuddy in <a href="" target="_blank" title="Link to a Vimeo video">this video</a>. </p> <p>Chalmers Unbuddies normally spend 1-4 hours/month but in some cases up to10 hours/month on their digital ambassador tasks. We will meet now and then as a group to share experiences, swap ideas, and have a good time!</p> <h2 class="chalmersElement-H2"><strong>So what are we looking for in you?</strong></h2> <p>We’re looking for fun, creative, kind and friendly digital student ambassadors.</p> <p>And... a few more requirements!</p> <ul><li>You're a <strong>first year master's student</strong> at Chalmers</li> <li><span style="background-color:initial">You're </span><strong style="background-color:initial">detail oriented</strong><span style="background-color:initial">. You make sure that the information you're putting out is correct and fact checked.</span><br /></li> <li>You're comfortable with <strong>English</strong> even if you are not a native speaker. It's not about fluency. It's about confidence and using your own voice.</li> <li>You're <strong>kind and friendly</strong>.</li> <li>You're <strong>quick</strong> when answering questions, comments and direct messages.</li> <li>You're <strong>motivated to take initiative and dedicated to completing your tasks.</strong></li> <li>You're a <strong>team player</strong></li> <li>You can <strong>commit to planning and spending the time needed</strong> to be a digital ambassador during the academic year.</li> </ul> <h2 class="chalmersElement-H2">What do we offer?</h2> <p>You maybe want to do this because you think it is fun and cool and because Chalmers is an interesting place to study at! However, we hope you want to do this because you want to help other students. Meanwhile, you will not be working for free. We will be compensating you for your work, both with merch and through smaller financial means (130 SEK/hour).</p> <h2 class="chalmersElement-H2"><strong>How to Apply?</strong></h2> <p>If this sounds fun to you, go ahead and apply below:</p> <p><strong><a href="">Chalmers Digital Student Ambasador 2021-2022*</a></strong></p> <p><span style="background-color:initial"><strong>*</strong><em>If you're applying to be a content creator, be prepared to submit a sample of your work</em></span></p> <p><b style="background-color:initial">Application Deadline:</b><span style="background-color:initial"> </span><span style="background-color:initial">31 </span><span style="background-color:initial">July </span><span style="background-color:initial">2021</span><span style="background-color:initial">​​​​​</span><br /></p>Thu, 01 Jul 2021 00:00:00 +0200 first step towards learning environments of the future<p><b>Since the middle of March, the construction of Tracks learning environment is in full swing on Campus Johanneberg. The premises will be created not only to host the Tracks courses, it will become a modern maker-space – a creative meeting place for everyone at Chalmers. ​</b></p>​<img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Tracks/CaseStudio_Tracks_Toppbild_720x340pxpx.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px" /><em>​Visualization of the inside of the new premises. Picture: Arkitekt &amp; Visualisering: CaseStudio AB.</em><br /><div><span style="background-color:initial"><br />T</span><span style="background-color:initial">he area that currently is being developed is located in SBIII, in Betonghallen and its surrounding areas. 2,000 square meters are under construction and the project includes the renovation of existing premises on floors 0 and 1. The goal is to develop a concept that will establish Tracks learning environment as an open, attractive, flexible and inspiring meeting place. The inauguration is planned to take place early 2022.</span><br /></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">Tracks is Chalmers Foundation’s investment in both learning and learning environments. The elective Tracks courses are interdisciplinary, the idea is that students will meet and collaborate across programme and discipline boundaries and take on challenges together.</span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">“The courses are often carried out with a high degree of interaction with researchers, industry representatives and other parts of the society – this is something that the new learning environment will support”, says Kristina Henricson Briggs, vice leader of Tracks.<br /></span><br /><span style="font-size:14px"></span><div><span style="font-size:14px"><strong>Examples of content in Tracks learning environment:<br /><br /></strong></span></div> <div><ul><li><span style="font-size:14px">Simulation and computer rooms</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:14px"></span>Project and meeting rooms</li> <li> Study places and lounge areas</li> <li><span style="font-size:14px"></span>Workshops and labs for shaping, processing, building, and testing of different types of materials and<br /><span style="background-color:initial">components (electronics, metal, wood and fabric)</span></li> <li><span style="background-color:initial"></span>Rapid prototyping with 3D printers, laser engraver and cutter, and hot wire cutter</li> <li>Physiology and sports lab</li> <li>Studio for podcasts, film, sound, and virtual reality</li> <li>Large open spaces for group work, presentations, and exhibitions</li></ul></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">“In Sweden, this investment in an innovation and learning environment is unique! In the rest of the world there are a number of similar environments, including MIT that has a concept called NEET, Aalto University with Design factory, DTU has Skylab and Penn State have their Learning Factory”, says Mikael Enelund, leader of Tracks.</span><br /><span></span><h3 class="chalmersElement-H3"><span>Place for exciting meetings and new ideas</span></h3> <div><span style="background-color:initial">“SBIII is already today used for many different types of tests and full-scale prototypes. Tracks' future operations create the conditions for further developing Betonghallen as an accessible testing and prototyping facility for everyone at Chalmers”, says Mikael Enelund.</span><br /></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">Track's learning environment also contributes to the idea of a more open and interconnected campus, where, among other things, a walkway at ground level through SB I, II &amp; III is created. On each side of the walkway, Tracks' various activities will be visible and easily accessible. The space is large enough to include both large and flexible rooms for full-scale tests and also smaller creative areas where students can meet and study. This is something that many students have requested.</span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">Tove Jensen, a mechanical engineering student who is currently studying for her master's degree in Industrial Ecology, has been involved in the planning for the new learning environment and has interviewed students prior to construction.</span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">“Many are looking forward to the modern classrooms and workshops, but several students also point out that they lack informal spaces: social meeting places, kitchens, sofas, space for coffee and coffee machine and so on. The social aspect is included in the planning of the premises and it is needed to support the interdisciplinary collaboration that Tracks wants to expand at Chalmers”, she says.​</span><br /><span></span><h3 class="chalmersElement-H3"><span>Open to everyone</span></h3> <div><span style="background-color:initial">T</span><span style="background-color:initial">he learning environment is primarily intended for the Tracks students but will be open to everyone at Chalmers if space allows. To be able to use certain workshops, machines, and labs, it will be required to pass a safety course and courses for certain machines. The plan is to create a student association that keep the environment open and accessible during evenings and weekends, similar to the already existing solution in the prototype lab of the mechanical engineering.</span><br /></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">“The difference between Tracks labs and workshops compared to those that are connected to certain programmes today, is that Tracks will gather all disciplines, workshops, labs and other learning facilities  at one place and that it will be available to all students at Chalmers. All students can use them on the same terms and can learn from each other”, says Tove Jensen.</span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">“ Today it is easier for students to just study in their programme-connected buildings and environments, for example, it is common practice for an architect student to be in the workshop together with other architect students, but in Tracks it will be students from many disciplines  with different competencies working together. Students will share knowledge and learn from each other!”</span></div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3"><span>Inspiration and networking</span></h3> <div><span style="background-color:initial">The environment is also open to everyone that wants to work with their own projects. The idea is that it should be a place where you realize, test and evaluate your new ideas, it will be a natural part of Chalmers' entrepreneurial identity. The premises will also be used for Chalmers-related events such as student academies, hackathons and marketing events for primary and secondary schools, industry, and other public actors.</span><br /></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px">“I hope all Chalmers students will take the chance to use the new learning environment and that they dare to try new things. I think everyone can get something out of being there, such as inspiration, new ideas for engineering solutions and innovations and new networks”, says Tove Jensen.</span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><strong>Facts</strong></span></div> <div><span style="font-size:14px"><br /></span></div> <div><ul><li><span style="font-size:14px"> In connection to the construction of Tracks learning environment there are also four new classrooms being built. These classrooms will replace ML1-ML4 in “the Mechanical Engineering Building”</span></li> <li><span style="font-size:14px"></span>Through the initiative Tracks, Chalmers will more easily be able to respond to complex problems in society and work life with contributions to practical and concrete solutions. The aim is that Tracks will lead to increased cooperation with the industry on current challenges</li> <li>Tracks also contribute to lifelong learning, as the courses are also open to Chalmers alumni</li> <li>Tracks is financed by the Chalmers Foundation. It is a ten-year long investment and one of the largest initiatives within education at Chalmers during the university's 190-year history</li> <li>The Chalmers employees and students who are directly affected by the construction receive continuous information from Akademiska hus. If you want to sign up to their mailing list, please contact <a href="">​</a><br /><br /></li></ul> <div>   <a href="/sv/chalmersstudier/tracks/Sidor/aktuella-kurser-inom-tracks.aspx" title="Information om Trackskurser, öppnas i nytt fönster" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/ichtm.gif" alt="" />Read more about the courses within Tracks</a><br /></div></div> <div style="font-size:14px"><br /></div> Text: Julia Jansson</div></div></div>Thu, 03 Jun 2021 00:00:00 +0200 Don't forget to return your borrowed books<p><b>We understand that the to-do list is full now at the end of the semester and it is easy to forget even with the best of intentions.</b></p><div><br /></div> <img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Inkast1.jpg" class="chalmersPosition-FloatRight" alt="" style="margin:5px;height:200px;width:300px" />​Therefore, we want to send a little extra reminder to return borrowed books to the library.​<br />It is very important that we get them in return, to make them available to new students after the summer vaccation.​ <span style="background-color:initial">You can easily leave the books in our book drop which is open 24/7!</span><div>The book drop at the Main Library can be found at the main entrance, Hörsalsvägen 2 and at Kuggen outside the main entrance.<br /><br /></div> <div><strong>Thanks in advance!​</strong></div> Thu, 27 May 2021 00:00:00 +0200 concept creates education across borders<p><b>The concept Tracks consists of elective courses, and developments to the educational system and Chalmers' learning environments. One important purpose of Tracks is to cater to the students' wishes for a more individual and flexible education. It is one of the largest educational investments in Chalmers University of Technology's 190-year history.​ ​</b></p><a href="" target="_blank" title="Link to film on YouTube, opens in a new tab"><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Tracks/Tracksbild.JPG" alt="" style="margin:5px" />​</a><br /><br />​<span style="background-color:initial">The Tracks initiative, which is funded by the Chalmers Foundation, offers elective Tracks courses for Chalmers students in years 2–5 and for Chalmers alumni. Within the framework of Tracks, a learning environment is being developed on Campus Johanneberg, which will include different project rooms, workshops for different materials, and computer resources for machine learning, among other things. The inauguration is planned to take take place early 2022.</span><div><h3 class="chalmersElement-H3">Sustainable development requires cooperation​</h3></div> <div><span style="background-color:initial">In May 2019, the first pilot of Tracks started and today the courses are in full swing. Chalmers students from 31 of 40 master's programmes were represented in Tracks courses the first year. The idea is that students will meet and collaborate across programme boundaries and take on relevant challenges with a basis in real-world problems together.</span><br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div>&quot;I believe that many young engineers today want to contribute to sustainable development and the problems we face are often complex system challenges. If we are going to be able to contribute to a sustainable transition, we must be prepared to work together with different skillsets,&quot; says Tracks student Emilia Sandolf, a master’s student in Industrial Ecology.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>In Tracks courses, students get to try an interdisciplinary approach, something which is uncommon at technical universities. The subjects in the courses vary a lot, covering everything from current challenges in the healthcare sector or the transport industry to issues linked to ethics and AI. </div> <div><br /></div> <div>Kathryn Strong Hansen, teacher and responsible for the course<em> Emerging Technology – Ethics Through Fiction</em>, explains her own view of the Tracks concept:</div> <div>&quot;For me, Tracks is all about sharing! Students from different backgrounds and disciplines are sharing ideas and perspectives. The fact that they have different takes on the challenges we address in the courses is really expanding the discussions, we all learn a lot from each other.&quot;</div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3" style="font-family:&quot;open sans&quot;, sans-serif">Flexibility and professional skills are required</h3> <div>Young people today want more choices and greater flexibility in their education. The system at Chalmers today allows some individualisation for the student, but it is limited. Engineering and architectural educations have traditionally been organised by discipline – mechanical engineering, chemical engineering and so on.<span style="background-color:initial"> Deep subject knowledge is necessary for qualitative architectural and engineering work, but architects and engineers also need to develop knowledge and skills in interdisciplinary working methods, ethics, communication, and entrepreneurship, for example. This is something that Monica Ringvik, technical manager at Astazero, member of the Tracks advisory committee, and Chalmers alumni, emphasises:</span></div> <div><br /></div> <div>&quot;When I went to Chalmers, we often had lab tasks to execute from A to Z, which was good since deep subject knowledge is of course very important in working life. But through Tracks, the students also get the opportunity to develop additional skills, such as teamwork, the confidence to network, work independently and solve abstract tasks together with others. It is a different kind of knowledge that employers really demand today&quot;, she says.</div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3" style="font-family:&quot;open sans&quot;, sans-serif">Close connections to both research and industry</h3> <div>Tracks brings many perspectives and representatives together, not least from areas of society and industry that are linked to the course subjects. Airbus are involved in the course Structural battery composites, and the course which develops the technology linked to the <a href="">Chalmershindret showjumping fence​</a> has close links with the Swedish equestrian sector, including the Swedish Equestrian Federation and industry representatives. </div> <div><br /></div> <div>Another <a href="" title="link article course">Tracks course with a focus on the healthcare sector </a>has so far worked closely with representatives from different parts of Region Västra Götaland. Offering students opportunities to develop their professional skills in close collaboration with working life and society is an important ingredient in Tracks. There is also a close connection to the latest research at Chalmers, and the Tracks courses are therefore a great preparation for an academic career.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Leif Asp, Professor and head of the Tracks course <em>Structural battery composites</em>, says that the students in his course get to work together with researchers on <a href="" title="link article">real and current research challenges.</a></div> <div>&quot;The courses are both research-related and research-preparatory. In my course the students got to read many scientific papers as well as try and tackle major interdisciplinary research questions. The Tracks courses give students the opportunity to work with larger challenges than they usually would, which is very inspiring,&quot; he says.</div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3" style="font-family:&quot;open sans&quot;, sans-serif">Kick-start your career</h3> <div>Emilia Sandolf, a biotechnology student, chose to read the Tracks course Design of Sustainable Infrastructure &amp; Urban Transformation to try something new.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>&quot;In our course, we were given the task of developing Chalmers Campus area in a sustainable way with a focus on both technology and architecture. During the course I blogged about our project, discussed issues about infrastructure and urban spaces, something I have never done before in my ordinary educational programme. Tracks broadened my imagination of what I can work with as an engineer,&quot; she says.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Emilia’s team worked on developing a solution for a more appropriate flow of people on campus, which resulted in a proposal to update the Chalmers app &quot;Campus Maps&quot; where they came up with the idea to use sensors to collect information about movement patterns and use the information to, for example, show where there are rooms and study places with vacancies. The knowledge can be used to optimise the use of premises and reduce congestion. According to their idea, it could also be possible to automatically optimise ventilation and temperature and in that way save energy.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>&quot;As a student, I think you should dare to take steps outside your comfort zone. You cannot develop if you don’t challenge yourself. I think the Tracks course was a great way to challenge myself in a safe environment. The course was a little bit like a bridge from the world of education towards life after graduation!&quot;</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Monica Ringvik at Astazero echoes this sentiment:</div> <div>&quot;I think Tracks can give a great competitive advantage to students’ future careers. I think they get a kick-start from the experience of tackling real challenges in teams with mixed skills within Tracks. In fact, I believe that this is a competitive advantage for Chalmers in general. The investment in Tracks can really attract new people to the engineering profession.&quot;</div> <div><br /></div> <div><br /></div> <a href="/en/chalmersstudies/tracks/Pages/current-courses-within-tracks.aspx" target="_blank" title="link tracks"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/ichtm.gif" alt="" /><a href="/en/chalmersstudies/tracks/Pages/current-courses-within-tracks.aspx" target="_blank" title="link tracks"><div style="display:inline !important">Read more and apply to Tracks courses</div></a><br />​</a> <div><br /></div> <div><div><span style="background-color:initial"><span style="font-weight:700">Text:</span> Julia Jansson</span></div> <div></div></div> <span style="background-color:initial;font-weight:700">Film:</span><span style="background-color:initial"> Torgil Störner ​​​​</span>Mon, 24 May 2021 00:00:00 +0200 the Date for Act Sustainable 2021<p><b>The sustainability week Act Sustainable is here again! Book 15–19 November in all your calendars, Chalmers University of Technology's and the University of Gothenburg's sustainability week is back. Once again students, researchers, teachers, and other staff at the universities will have a whole week packed with inspiration, research, and knowledge for sustainable development. If the situation allows, the event will be arranged with physical meetings right here in Gothenburg.​​​</b></p><br /><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/1789381_internakanaleract21_savethedate2_710px.png" alt="" style="margin:5px" /><br /><div><br />Mark 15-19 <span style="background-color:initial">November</span><span style="background-color:initial"> </span><span style="background-color:initial">in your calendars for a whole week of sustainable development. Chalmers University of Technology´s and the University of Gothenburg's sustainability week Act Sustainable is back this autumn. The planning is “in full swing”, but still in the start-up phase. The dates are set and the model for the week can be partially recognized from Act Sustainable 2020.</span></div> <div></div> <div><br /></div> <div>- We are in full swing with the planning, so program details and the theme are still secret. But what I can reveal is that the program items will be set up as morning, lunch, and afternoon sessions. Our ambition is that the lunch sessions will be reserved exclusively for student organizers. This arrangement was an audience favourite last year and we really want to meet our audience in this! Says Karin Bylund, project manager for Act Sustainable.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Act Sustainable is Chalmers University of Technology's and the University of Gothenburg's largest sustainability event and is aimed at students, researchers, teachers, and other staff at the universities. Everyone is welcome to participate and the program content usually represents a diversity of the academy's perspectives, the different entry points of research and the importance of interdisciplinary knowledge and collaboration to tackle society's major challenges.<br /><br /><a href="" title="Link to article on GMV hompe page, opens in new tab" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Read the full article on Gothenburg Centre for ​Sustainable development (GMV)​</a></div>Mon, 17 May 2021 00:00:00 +0200 opportunity to do part of your master's thesis abroad<p><b>​​Are you interested in a master’s thesis including data from low- and middle income countries? Chalmers have two scholarships where you can get support for longer field studies abroad during your master’s thesis.</b></p><div><div>The aim is to create an opportunity for students to get unique experiences through their work. The idea is to work with internationally interesting sustainable solutions for global challenges within the framework of a thesis.</div> <div>Both scholarships have the same deadline for application in mid-autumn, the exact date will be announced in early autumn, and the field study should be performed during spring 2022.​<br /><br /></div> <span style="color:rgb(33, 33, 33);font-family:inherit;font-size:16px;font-weight:600;background-color:initial"><div><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Anpassade%20till%20meddelanden%20på%20personlig%20startsida/jordglob_710.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px" /> </div> <div> </div></span><h2 class="chalmersElement-H2"><span>Minor Field Studies (MFS)</span></h2></div> <div>This scholarship is funded by SIDA and an aim is that students should improve their knowledge of global development issues and to prepare for work in global contexts and organizations. The thesis topic should be of importance to economic, social, political or knowledge-based development in the country that the student travel to.</div> <div><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Read more about MFS on</a> <br /><br /></div> <div><strong>Who can apply?<br /></strong>Students at Chalmers with a Swedish citizenship or permanent residency in Sweden</div> <div>Scholarship: 27 000 SEK<br /><span style="background-color:initial">Field study:</span><span style="background-color:initial"> </span><span style="background-color:initial">Minimum 8 weeks abroad during the spring semester</span><br /></div> <div>Web page: <a href="/sv/studentliv/stipendier/Sidor/mfs.aspx"><span style="background-color:initial">Minor Field Studies </span><span style="background-color:initial">(Chalmers Student Portal)</span></a></div> <div><strong style="background-color:initial">Contact:</strong><span style="background-color:initial"> Ulrika Lundqvist, <a href=""></a><br /><br /></span></div> <h2 class="chalmersElement-H2">The Global Mentorship Program</h2> <div>From 2020 Chalmers has a mentorship program, funded by a private donation, with focus on innovation, entrepreneurship and internationalization in low- and middle-income countries in Asia, Africa and South America. In addition to the academic supervisor and examiner the students will have a mentor in Sweden and a local mentor in the country where the data collection for the master’s thesis is conducted.</div> <div><br /></div> <div><strong>Who can apply?<br /></strong>All students at Chalmers<br /></div> <div>Scholarship: maximum 50 000 SEK</div> <div>Field study: Minimum 8 weeks abroad, the mentorship program starts in January and end in November</div> <div><a href=";rmjob=p227" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />More information on web page at​</a></div> <div><strong>Contact</strong>: Kristina Henricson Briggs, <a href="" target="_blank"></a><span></span><br /><span style="background-color:initial"><br />More information about these scholarships, practicalities around travelling etc. will be discussed at a digital information event at lunch time on 20 May 2021, 12.00-13.00.<br /><br /></span></div> <div>The event is open for teachers and students. <br /><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Welcome to join the zoom event here​</a></div> <div><br /></div>Mon, 10 May 2021 00:00:00 +0200 your distance on Valborg celebration<p><b>​The student holiday Valborg (Walpurgis Night) is approaching, and many of you want to go out to celebrate with friends. Even this year the Valborg celebrations will be different due to the ongoing pandemic. The Chalmerscortège will be broadcast live this year. The event will air on 30 April at 17.00.</b></p><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Anpassade%20till%20meddelanden%20på%20personlig%20startsida/Body%20image%20710x320/Blommor_710x320ny.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px" /><br /><br /><div><span style="background-color:initial">​</span><span style="background-color:initial">We at Chalmers are concerned about you students, and understand that Valborg is important to you. </span>But we still have a high level of COVID -19 transmission in Gothenburg. This means that once again we need to act responsibly and sensibly. Meet in small groups and with people you would normally meet, and keep a safe distance between yourself and others. We all have a responsibility to reduce the risk of transmitting the virus. <br /><span style="background-color:initial"><br /><div><span style="background-color:initial">Large traditional events, including those held in Trädgårdsföreningen and Slottsskogen, have been cancelled. If you still want to celebrate and enjoy the coming of spring, you must do so responsibly:</span><br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div><ul><li>Meet in small groups and with people you would normally meet.</li> <li>Keep your distance from each other, even if you are outdoors.</li> <li>Avoid places where there is a risk of crowding, such as Slottsskogen, Trädgårdsföreningen, Kungsparken, and Vasaparken.</li> <li>Discover parks and green spaces in your local area.</li> <li>Follow the recommendations issued by the authorities.</li> <li>If you cannot find a litter bin or if the bin is full – take your litter home with you.<br /></li></ul></div> <div><span style="background-color:initial">If you live outside the city center, take a walk or picnic in parks and nature areas in your local area where you live instead of going into town.</span><br /></div></span></div> <div><br /></div> <div><div><a href=";servicetype=Parker" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Göteborgs stad: Find Gothenburg's parks</a></div> <div><a href=";servicetype=Naturomr%C3%A5den" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Göteborgs stad: Find Gothenburg's nature areas</a></div> <div>​</div></div> <span style="background-color:initial"></span>​Wed, 28 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 with transactions on is now solved<p><b>Update 29 April: The problems with card transactions is now solved on ​</b></p><div>-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------​​<br /><span style="background-color:initial">There is currently problems with the transaction on​</span><br />The system itself ( works but when you pay with a card not all the transaction goes through the payment service (DIBS). <br /><span style="background-color:initial">We are currently looking into this.</span></div>Tue, 27 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 a problem? Enter the Dyson Award Competition<p><b>​The James Dyson Award is an international design competition. If you have an idea that solves a real world problem, you should enter the competition.​</b></p>The James Dyson Award celebrates, encourages and inspires the next generation of design engineers. It's open to current and recent design engineering students, and is run by the James Dyson Foundation, James Dyson’s charitable trust, as part of its mission to get young people excited about design engineering.<br /><br /><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Anpassade%20till%20meddelanden%20på%20personlig%20startsida/jamesdysonaward_710.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px" /><br /><div>​<br />If you enter you have the opportunity to <span style="background-color:initial">win up to 330,000 SEK and gain global </span><span style="background-color:initial">exposure for your invention.​​</span><br /></div> <div></div> <div><div>Last day to register, is 30 juni 2021.<br /><br /></div> <div><a href="" title="Dyson awards hemsida, öppnas i en ny flik" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Read more about the competition and register​</a></div> <div><a href="" target="_blank" title="Länk till James Dyson awards hemsida, öppnas i ny länk"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Read more on former winners ​</a></div> <span style="background-color:initial"></span></div> <br />Thu, 22 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 the Student competition Green Challenge<p><b>It is not every day that you get the chance to get full attention from the industry and well-qualified inputs. Five engineering students from Chalmers have the opportunity to take part in the student competition Green Challenge, arranged by the Technical University of Denmark, DTU. To participate, you must have developed a project whose theme is social, economic, or environmental sustainability as part of your studies at Chalmers, and you must still be enrolled as a student at Chalmers. ​</b></p>​This year, students from Chalmers will participate online. A judging panel at DTU will select projects that can participate at the competition on 25 June. The selected projects have the opportunity to win a cash prize and to share their visions and products with people working with sustainability. If you would like to join the competition, you should register at the webpages of DTU <strong>latest on 19 May</strong>. <br /><br /><div>Please be aware of the assessment criteria that will be used for the selection of students who can participate and also for the prizes that will be awarded for the best projects:<br /><br /></div> <div><ul><li>is the project well-structured and clearly communicated?</li> <li>to what extent is the positive impact on the UN Sustainable Development Goals made probable?</li> <li>to what extent is the project technically applicable and likely to be realized? </li> <li>to what extent is it visionary and/or innovative?</li></ul></div> <div>Please see the webpage for the Green Challenge to get more information and to register: </div> <div><a href="" target="_blank" title="Link to the competition Green Challange"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Student competition Green Challenge​</a></div>Tue, 20 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 involved in creating the healthcare of the future<p><b>Today's healthcare sector is becoming increasingly digitalized and tech driven. Chalmers invests heavily in the area of health and technology. In the elective course Here, there and everywhere – healthcare integrated in our everyday lives and places, students from different programmes, teachers and industry representatives with different areas of expertise, collaborate. Their task is to find new solutions to the challenges within the global healthcare sector.</b></p>​<img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Anpassade%20till%20meddelanden%20på%20personlig%20startsida/Body%20image%20710x320/flygbild_hogsbo_750x340px.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px" /><br /><span style="font-size:13px">​</span><span style="font-size:13px">View from the construction of Högsbo Specialist Hospital. To create the healthcare of the future various areas of knowledge needs to cooperate – such as architecture, organizational development and e-health solutions.​​​​​​​​​ ​ </span><br style="font-size:13px" /><span style="font-size:13px">Photo: Västfastigheter, Sjukhusen i väster and Högsbo specialistsjukhus​</span><br /><br /><span style="background-color:initial">To improve the technical development of the sector, various areas of knowledge within Chalmers can play a key role, such as architecture, organizational development and e-health solutions.</span><div><span style="background-color:initial"><br />Chalmers has students who are competent in these three areas, but that doesn’t mean they are automatically good at collaboration. They need to practice interdisciplinary teamwork! For us, that was the starting point when we created this Tracks course” says Patrik Alexandersson who is responsible for the course.</span><br /></div> <div><br /></div> <div><img src="" alt="sebastian rye, student" class="chalmersPosition-FloatRight" style="margin:5px;height:180px;width:180px" /></div> <div>Chalmers student, Sebastian Rye, participated in the first round of the course <em>Here, there and everywhere – healthcare integrated into our everyday lives and places</em>. He is currently studying his final year of Industrial Engineering and Management and is currently writing his Master thesis where he investigates how the use of artificial intelligence can be used in an efficient way in the healthcare sector.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>“I had actually already chosen all my elective courses, but the Tracks course great combination of healthcare, interdisciplinary collaboration with mixed student groups and the opportunity to make contacts in the industry was a little too difficult to resist. I just had to take that extra course!”.</div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3" style="font-family:&quot;open sans&quot;, sans-serif">Current and real challenges</h3> <div>Tracks is a major investment in education and in new learning environments funded by the Chalmers Foundation. Tracks elective courses will complement students' programmes, introduce them to new subject areas and give them the opportunity to practice interdisciplinary teamwork.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Tracks courses are also linked to the latest research and to industry. In this course, the subject area was presented by representatives from the Högsbo Specialist Hospital and from Sahlgrenska University Hospitals’ digital R&amp;D department. Chalmers Center for Healthcare Improvement (CHI) is also behind the course as well as patients who were involved to give feedback on the students' solutions.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>The intention with Tracks courses is that they should be able to quickly adapt to current needs and challenges in work-life and society. The healthcare-course is a good example. In the spring of 2020, when the new corona virus began to spread around the world, the teachers decided to include a case about pandemic management in the course, which was not planned from the beginning. Students could choose from three different cases to work with together in small groups: Pandemic, “Life Event Cancer” and Virtual Hospital.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>The case called “Life Event Cancer” shed a light on the fact that there are more things than just the patient's disease that needs to be taken care of in the case of a cancer diagnosis. One question that the students discussed was how and with what digital tools the patient and their families can be supported throughout a treatment period.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Virtual hospital and virtual care in general are current topics in the healthcare sector today. Healthcare can be provided in many ways and doesn’t always have to be linked to a physical hospital building. Åsa Holmgren, project manager at Högsbo Specialist Hospital, believes that more technical solutions are needed, but that they need to be carefully examined – which solutions are the most useful within the healthcare sector? In response to which situations and when can they be applied for the best possible outcomes?</div> <div><br /></div> <div>“By learning more about how different technical solutions can be used, healthcare can be changed and improved. An example could be to develop the patient's ability to self-test at home, which the medical staff can follow up and manage – maybe it can lead to faster regulation of drug dosage. I have to say that the students impressed me with their insights and innovative suggestions in their final presentations!” says Åsa Holmgren.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Among other things, the students had suggestions for continuous feedback from a number of health parameters in patients staying at home. This is something that may create a preventive effect. Patients with better knowledge of their own health would also contribute to a more accurate decision-making by the caregiver. An increased use of Machine learning was also proposed, in order to, for example, identify early risk parameters for potential development of cancer.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>In their final presentations the students came up with ideas regarding different health parameters that may be possible for the patients to control by themselves, at home. Something that could have a preventive effect and provide the patients with better knowledge of their own health status and contribute to an improved decision-making-process for the healthcare provider. Another suggestion from the students was more frequent use of Machine Learning. This could be a tool to identify early risk parameters for potential development of cancer.</div> <h3 class="chalmersElement-H3" style="font-family:&quot;open sans&quot;, sans-serif">Aim to increase students’ interest in the healthcare sector</h3> <div>During the first round of the course Here, there and everywhere – healthcare integrated in our everyday life and places, Chalmers students from eight different educational programmes participated and for the next course, planned this autumn, Patrik Alexandersson aims for even more.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>“We hope that our course can lead to increased knowledge of, and interest in healthcare among architecture and engineering students. By participating in the course, students gain a very good insight into the sector's challenges and its logic, which is enormously positive, both for themselves, Chalmers and for society in general.”</div> <div><br /></div> <div>Sebastian Rye was already interested in the subject before the start of the course, and he thinks that the opportunity to choose a course based on his own interest was very rewarding.</div> <div><br /></div> <div>“The teachers were incredibly committed and experienced in the area and guided us throughout the course, but at the same time it was a lot of project-oriented teamwork and a lot of self-studies. I really thought that the course complemented my other studies well, because in Tracks courses you get to practically apply the things you have learned to a subject you are interested in. This means that the knowledge you have gained from your programme actually gets enhanced!”</div> <div><br /></div> <div><a href="" title="course poster"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="" alt="" />Read more about the <span style="background-color:initial">course</span></a></div> <div><a href="/en/News/Calendar/Pages/Information-about-tracks.aspx" title="study portal" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/ichtm.gif" alt="" /><span style="background-color:initial"></span>Lunchwebinar on Tracks courses 4/22/2021​​</a></div> <em></em><div><a href="/en/chalmersstudies/tracks/Pages/current-courses-within-tracks.aspx" title="chalmers study portal"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="" alt="" /><span style="background-color:initial">Read more about the c</span><span style="background-color:initial">urrent courses within Tracks</span></a></div> <div><br /></div> <div><span style="font-weight:700">Text:</span> Julia Jansson</div> <div><span style="font-weight:700">Photo:</span> Västfastigheter, Sjukhusen i väster och Högsbo specialistsjukhus</div> ​<br />Sun, 11 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200 master's thesis fair in May<p><b>​On 11 May Chalmers, Sahlgrenska University Hospital and the University of Gothenburg are arranging the second digital master's thesis fair. The first joint fair, arranged in October 2020, was a great success. ​ ​</b></p><img src="/SiteCollectionImages/Anpassade%20till%20meddelanden%20på%20personlig%20startsida/Body%20image%20710x320/Exjobbsmassa_710.jpg" alt="" style="margin:5px" /><br /><br />The aim of the fair is to increase collaboration in the intersection between health and technology.​ Potential supervisors will present their projects and after that students have the opportunity to ask questions, and discuss the projects, in small groups with the researchers. Hopefully you will then find an interesting master's thesis project.​<div> </div> <div>This time, the fair is organised by Sahlgrenska Academy via Zoom on 11 May at 15.00-17.00.<br /><br /><a href="" target="_blank"><img class="ms-asset-icon ms-rtePosition-4" src="/_layouts/images/icgen.gif" alt="" />Register for the fair</a></div> <div><span style="background-color:initial">The registration is open until 10 May, </span><span style="background-color:initial;font-size:14px">a link to the fair will be sent out on the morning of 11 May. Welcome!</span><span style="background-color:initial">​</span></div>Wed, 07 Apr 2021 00:00:00 +0200