Help and instructions regarding search

The search function

Search functionality at the Student Portal search for information from a variety of sources;, the Student portal, personnel database and course catalog.

The search results are presented in three different tabs depending on the type of information and source of the information. All results are presented in the first tab, results from the personnel database in the second tab and results from the course catalog in the third tab.

Filtering of search results

To the left of the search result there is a menu with different filtering options; Type of result, Source, Date and File Type. If you choose the People tab it’s possible to filter on Organization and Title  and if you choose the Courses tab courses you will be able to filtering on; Study period, Credit, Education level, Grade, Program, Department, Teaching language, Academic year, Open for exchange students, MTS and Theme Environment.

When you choose a filter on a tab, the other filters will be concealed, and to the right of the selected filter a cross is displayed, if you click on this cross all filter will be showed again.


Some of the search results at the People tab the name of the person will be a clickable link, this means that this person has a profile page at

When searching for people the system use so-called phonetic search, which means that if you search for the name Krister you will also find other spellings, like Christer and Crizter.

You can also search by name in combination with other search words, if you search for Monika and administration you will find people named Monika that works with administration.


The source of the search results in the Courses tab is Chalmers course catalog and when clicking on a course the syllabus will open up in the Student Portal.

If there is a course website for the course this will be indicated in the results by a link to the current course website.

Additional functionality

When you start typing a word in the search box, you will automatically get keyword suggesting as you enter letters.


If you want to open up a search result in new window; hold down the Shift key while clicking on the link.

Suggestions for improvement

If you have comments or suggestions on how we can improve the search function contact

Page manager Published: Wed 18 Mar 2015.