About the Student Portal

The Student Portal is aimed at active students at Chalmers. On the Student Portal you will find information about studies at Chalmers, such as courses, Master's thesis work, degrees and more, and the services that facilitates your studies. It has a responsive design and adapts to fit the screen regardless of browser or device.
In addition to regular web pages, the Student Portal  serves as an interface to a range of services in different systems. Links between systems can sometimes make the Student Portal slow.

Contents and My startpage

The contents of the Student Portal are divided into the tabs Studies, Contact and Service, Student Life and Careers and Jobs. On the general homepage you will find news, events from the calendar and links to internal pages.
When you log in My startpage opens and you get access to the services, for example sign up for examination, view passed courses and the road to my degree. Remember, you must be logged in to use the services.

In Swedish and English

The Student Portal is available in English and Swedish. Switch between the languages by selecting "In English / In Swedish" at the top right-hand corner.  The "In English / In Swedish" button can be found on pages that have a counterpart in the other language. When the corresponding information is not available in the other language there is no link.

Support, content and security

  • Do you have feedback and suggestions for content, or find pages we should update, please let us know at studentportalen@chalmers.se.
  • Problems regarding the Student Portal are sent to support@chalmers.se. The more detailed information you send, the better. IT services also uses Facebook and Twitter
  • Contact abuse@chalmers.se to report intrusions, inappropriate web pages, unauthorised network use, etc.


Cookies are used on the Student Portal to manage logins and access to the services. A cookie is a small text file which is stored on your computer used to improve the site for the user. There are two types of cookies: the first saves a file that remains on your computer. It is used for example to adapt a website visitor's preferences. The second type is called a session cookie and is temporarily stored in your computer's memory. Session cookies disappear when you close the browser. 
ASP.NET_SessionId is a session cookie that is set automatically by the Student Portal and is required in order for the site to work. The cookie will disappear when the browser is closed.
When you log in to the Student Portal, a cookie is saved for idp.chalmers.se. This authorises you to use the services so you don't have to log in to each service separately. The cookie will disappear when the browser is closed.

Page manager Published: Wed 11 Jul 2018.