New website for reporting harassments

​Here is Safe at Chalmers, staff and student's new website for reporting and getting support regarding harassments. It is a cooperative website between the University and the Student Union for battling sexism and discrimination on campus.

Photo of the president at Chalmers and the President of the Student Union

We know that Chalmers is much like society in general when it comes to everyday discrimination and sexism – it can exist everywhere in all campus environments. But at Chalmers we have an absolute zero vision when it comes to harassments and this website will hopefully be a step in supporting this.

Safe at Chalmers is one of many hands-on results from the project Chalmers against sexism, a project between the University and the Student Union. Chalmers should be a world class campus for everyone who resides on campus. Openness and safety should characterise our culture, rather than silence and outdated attitudes.

The assignment from us as leaders for each organisation was to make it...
…easy to find information on how to report harassments
…simple to find out what harassment is and what’s acceptable at Chalmers
…clear about what happens when you report something
…quick to find out whom to talk to if something happens
…as easy for both student and staff to find the above information
The site is in an early stage and you might be missing information or have ideas on how to improve it. Then we suggest you contact

The site should be flexible and grow organically. Soon more tools and information will be added. In the long run we also want to see it as a proactive tool for creating a better culture.

We are all part of each other’s work and study environment. This is why we need to cooperate and help each other in the quest for a campus free from discrimination and sexism. We hope that Safe at Chalmers can guide us in the right direction.

Stefan Bengtsson, President and Gustav Eriksson, President of the Student Union
Safe at Chalmers

Photo: Noëlle Madsen

Published: Fri 14 Jun 2019.