You can no longer sit an exam if there are free places

​When the exams for study period 1 take place at the end of October, you will no longer have the opportunity to sit the exam if there are free places. This means that if you have not registered, you will not be allowed to sit the exam.

​A tip to help you remember to register for the exam in time is to add all deadlines into your calendar with a reminder! It is important that you deregister if you are not going to sit the exam. You can do so up until the day before the exam. If you cannot register yourself, contact the Student Centre during the registration period. The decision means that it will be easier for the institutions to issue the exam results and that you will receive your result within the specified time period of 15 working days.

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Published: Tue 05 Sep 2017. Modified: Thu 07 Sep 2017