Problems with Ladok sign-in? This is how to solve the problem!

​In recent days, several students have told us that they have had difficulty logging in to Ladok. In this guide, we will tell you how to get around this problem easily. ​​

We now have a new authentication system for logging in to Ladok. You now get both the "Chalmers" and "Chalmers University of Technology" options when logging in. 

Select the Chalmers option 

The correct option to choose when logging in to Ladok is "Chalmers".

Ladok log-in
If you only see Chalmers University of Technology? 

If you happen to select "Chalmers University of Technology" as the default option, click on "Add another institution", search for "Chalmers" and select this. Now you have two options when logging in. If you want, you can delete Chalmers University of Technology by click on "edit" and the small cross that appears.Ladok log-in

Published: Fri 16 Oct 2020.