Hidden camera found in toilet

​A hidden camera with equipment was last week found in a toilet in a corridor in the Physics house, where mathematics is mainly conducted. The assessment is that the purpose was to covertly film people using the toilet. Chalmers has alerted the police.
The camera was mounted in a detergent package. It was found on Monday 24 september at 1pm on the second floor of the Physics house, opposite the MVF26 hall, in the toilet closest to the corridor. All equipment has been handed over to the Police, along with a notification of illegal camera surveillance. Chalmers is currently aware of this incident only. It is unlikely that the packaging has been at the toilet for any longer period.

Erik Eliasson, security coordinator at Chalmers calls on anyone to pay attention to any odd packages, or other strange installations. Should you discover something suspicious, please contact the caretaker in your building or security coordinator Erik Eliasson, phone 031-772 66 01.

Published: Mon 01 Oct 2018.