Withdraw from courses you will not attend during spring 2022

Please withdraw from any course/-s that you have been admitted to in the course selection and that you will not attend during the spring semester. It is important that you do this in order for students on the waiting list to get a seat instead, and for the examiners to get a correct list of participants.
Withdraw from the course as soon as possible when you know you will not take the course, if you have been admitted to too many courses, or for other reasons will not take the course at Chalmers (for example due to exchange studies or leave of absence from studies).

How to withdraw (in 2 steps):
1. Withdraw in Ladok by clicking Show more by the course in question and selecting I no longer wish to attend.

And until 18 January you must also:
2. Withdraw at universityadmissions.se by clicking the option I wish to decline this place, next to the course.

Page manager Published: Thu 13 Jan 2022.