​How to manage proof of vaccination at Chalmers

​Teaching and examinations will not be affected by the new recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden on proof of vaccinations for public gatherings and events. Certain events, however, such as some of the Student Union’s operations, public lectures, and defenses of doctoral theses gathering more than 100 attendees indoors will be affected. ​

Events that are open to the public are considered public gatherings, for example public lectures, concerts, sports events and theater shows. While teaching, examinations and internal meetings are not. For these kinds of events, the ordinary recommendations on individual responsibility still apply – most importantly, to stay at home if feeling ill, and to take the vaccine.

From 1 December, it will be possible to request proof of vaccination for public gatherings and events with more than 100 attendees indoors. As an alternative, other protective measures can be applied, for example rules on the maximum number of persons per square metre and distancing between attendees.  
Events with less than 100 participants are not affected and can be carried out without any measures.

The Student Union is currently working on information and routines for its operations in accordance with the new decision and the recommendations from The Public Health Agency of Sweden.

Have you planned to get vaccinated but have not yet taken the opportunity? The healthcare provider KRY, which offers a vaccine against covid-19, will be leaving campus soon. They will remain in the Student union building, Johanneberg, until 30 November, thereafter they will move to locations in Gårda. Drop-in weekdays at 12-20. 

Page manager Published: Wed 01 Dec 2021.