​Update of Chalmers VPN server

​On Tuesday 26 January between 16: 00-20: 00, one of Chalmers' VPN servers will be updated. The VPN server "VPN-gw" will be unavailable during that time. ​
All ongoing sessions will be terminated and all users will be logged out. The server will restart several times during the update. This primarily affects all students who use their own private computers (Win, Mac, Linux and Mobile Phones). 

For Windows users: Use vpn19-gw.chalmers.se instead during the upgrade period if you need a VPN. 

For Mac / Linux / Mobile Phones: After the upgrade, a new Pre-shared key (PSK) is used for L2TP-type VPN settings, which is only needed for those who use this particular type of VPN (L2TP). This applies to some Linux and Mac OS and various other platforms. New PSK can be downloaded from https://www.ita.chalmers.se/vpn after logging in. 

Page manager Published: Mon 25 Jan 2021.