Tracks courses in study period 2 – open for applications

It’s time to apply for Tracks courses starting in study period 2, autumn 2021. All courses are open for students at Chalmers in year 2-5, and to Chalmers alumni. A seminar about the courses is arranged on 27 September. You can participate on campus or online.

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In Tracks Courses, students with different educational backgrounds solve interdisciplinary problems together. The courses are often implemented in close collaboration with the cutting edge of research and representatives from the industry. All courses are  in English and can either be at basic or advanced level.
Join the seminar about Tracks courses 27 September​

Courses starting in study period 2

Data-driven product realization 

The rapid advancement of digital technologies is currently reshaping the manufacturing industry. In this course, multidisciplinary teams collaborate on solving complex industrial problems together with manufacturing companies. Real-world needs, requirements, and data sets are provided by our partner companies. This course is a part of the Tracks Theme “Sustainable Production”.
The course may encompass areas of product development, production improvements, quality management, and maintenance. 
Deadline application: 30 September
Contact: Anders Skoogh,

Solar Energy: from Photons to Future (Societal) Impact

A new course on the grandest energy source of all times and how it can be exploited for the benefit of humankind and the future of civilization. The course covers the physical and chemical foundations, a spectrum of conversion technologies, integration into artefacts and the electricity system, as well as the role of solar energy in the ongoing energy transition. This course is a part of the Tracks Theme Emerging technologies - from science to innovation.
Deadline application: 11 October 
Contact: Bo Albinsson,​

Transport informatics 

The course is intended for anyone with a keen interest in information exchange in and/ or digitalisation of the transport sector. Students with educational backgrounds and disciplines – e.g. from maritime management, logistics and supply chain management to computer science and information technology are all mostly welcome to send in an application to the course.
This course is a part of the Tracks Theme Sustainable Transports.
Deadline application: 11 October 
Contact: Henrik Ringsberg,

Emissions from transportation

The transport system is very complex yet fundamental for our society. At the same time, it is crucial to minimize the effects on human health and the environment. A broad understanding of transportation technologies and their emissions is important to enable a sustainable transportation system. In this course you will get an introduction to current transportation technologies and the different effects from emissions. You will learn, reflect and collaborate in interdisciplinary teams. This course is a part of the Tracks Theme Sustainable Transports.
Deadline application: 11 October 
Contact: Jonas Sjöblom,​

How and why – apply for a Tracks course!

In Tracks courses you can work with current research and contribute to solve contemporary societal issues as part of your education. Tracks courses is also a step towards working life since the students gets experience from working in a team with mixed backgrounds.

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