Three Tracks courses open for application!

Right now, it is possible to apply for three Tracks courses! Take the chance to gain new experiences with the following courses: Music engineering, Fuel Cell Systems and Advances in bioimaging for next generation drug delivery.​​

Tracks courses are part of Chalmers' educational offer, but do not belong to a specific programme or department. Tracks gives Chalmers’ students and alumni the opportunity to choose interdisciplinary and thematic courses.

Deadline dates:
  • Advances in bioimaging for next generation drug delivery (Deadline November 26) 
  • Fuel Cell Systems (Deadline November 30)
  • Music engineering: Awareness of sound (Deadline December 31)

Advances in bioimaging for next generation drug delivery 

Past decade has witnessed tremendous progress in nanomedicine that utilizes nanoparticles as vehicles for drug delivery. It was perhaps best exemplified by the recent success of lipid nanoparticle mRNA vaccines against the COVID-19. Our ability to face health challenges in the future is critically dependent on young scientists being trained across disciplines, and in working and learning how to address the current challenges together. 
Course highlights: Lectures presented by experts from academia and industry, practical exercises in contemporary research laboratories and on-site visit to Astra Zeneca.

Contact: Hana Jungova, hana.jungova@chalmers. se and Fredrik Höök,
Deadline for application: November 26

Fuel Cell Systems 

Fuel cells offer an efficient way to convert chemical energy in a fuel, such as hydrogen, to electricity and has the potential to become a cornerstone in a future sustainable energy system. Fuel cell technology is particularly interesting for transport applications, for example in cars, trucks, busses, boats and even airplanes, but also for stationary applications, back-up power and portable electronics. A fuel cell running on hydrogen and air has water as the only exhaust and, thus, can contribute to a better environment both locally and globally. In this course, you will get an introduction to the critical components in the fuel cell as well as to the system around the fuel cell, how they function and how to control them.
Contact: Björn Wickman,
Deadline: November 30

Music engineering: Awareness of sound

Music Engineering as we see it relates to anything that has to do with the creation and the perception of sound. Such sounds can be of any type – conventional or electronic music, contemporary sound art, everyday sounds like animal voices or even traffic noise and more. It is therefore not necessary to be able to play a musical instrument to participate in a Music Engineering project!

Music Engineering projects can focus on, for example, technical or artistic aspects, material science, health and safety, electronics, composition of sound and music, or they can be investigating human sound perception. 

Apply and read more about the course

See video and read article about the course here​

Kontaktperson: Jens Ahrens,
Deadline för ansökan: December 31

Tracks courses – a bridge from your studies to working life

Tracks courses can function as a bridge, from your studies to working life. Within Tracks, students will collaborate in cross-disciplinary teams and take on relevant challenges with a basis in real-world problems. Tracks courses are held in close collaboration with wider society, industry and the cutting edge of research. 

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