The survey Studentbarometern soon in your in-box

​It's time to answer the survey "Studentbarometern" – a collaboration by the university and the Student Union to look into your study and work environment.

In "Studentbarometern" you will have the opportunity to express how you feel and how you perceive your study environment. Results from previous years have led to initiatives such as the Students Union's "Stories from Campus" and helped the Vice President's management team, Dean of Education and Heads of Programmes to prioritize appropriately. Your response is of the utmost importance for making Chalmers a better place for everyone!
On 6 February, you will receive an email from containing the survey. The survey is open for responses until 20 February. Your response will be handled by the external company Quicksearch, guaranteeing anonymity and confidentiality. The link you receive is personal. Keep an eye out for the email so you don't miss the chance to make your voice heard. The survey takes 5 to 10 minutes to answer. Following feedback from last year's survey, we have shortened this year's.

Q & A on the student survey

Chalmers' investigation into the study and work environment of its students, conducted between 6 and 20 February 2019.

Why should I take the survey?

The survey offers you an opportunity to make a difference. Your opinions are important, and only you can relay your personal perception of your study environment. The outcome of the survey will be analyzed and lead to measures. The more students who respond, the higher the response rate and the more impact the survey will make. Most importantly: with your response, you are contributing to improvements in the study environment of all students.

How will I receive the survey?

Quicksearch will deliver the survey by email from the address. The link contained in the email is personal. There is no need to worry if you should accidentally delete the first email. You will receive a reminder with a new link on 11 February.

Why haven't I received the survey?

You must have been enrolled at Chalmers in the autumn 2018 term to receive the survey. Check your spam folder to ensure that the email wasn't stopped by your spam filter. Contact Melody Jakob if you have not received the survey.

Is my response anonymous?

Yes. No one at Chalmers will be able to connect responses to individual students. It will not be possible to connect any of your answers to you personally. They will only be analyzed on the relevant group level. Responses are managed by Quicksearch, guaranteeing anonymity and confidentiality.

Why are you posing these questions?

The survey gives Chalmers a better idea of how students perceive their study environment and what is required to improve it for you and your fellow students. We strive for student well-being and to reduce stress to help you achieve your desired results.
The survey poses questions about your programme, your studies and your personal situation. These questions are based on current research and legislation in the areas of working environment and discrimination.

Where and when will the results be presented?

The results will be presented in March 2019. More information will be made available on the Student Portal, so keep an eye out.

Published: Wed 06 Feb 2019. Modified: Tue 12 Feb 2019