System upgrade provides new student services

​In May, Chalmers switches to an updated study administrative system, new Ladok. Several of the services at Student Portal will therefore be moved to a new interface. This means that some of the services will look differently, new services are added and you will notice that some terms change their names.
Between 9-21 May, several of the services are closed when the old system will be replaced by the new one. If you need to use any of the services at Student Portal, be sure to do so soon.

Which services are closed from 9 to 21 May?

  • Create transcript of records
  • Create certificate of registrations
  • Re-registration on course
  • Early interruption on course
  • View selected and registered courses
  • Applications for Degree Certificate, use the application form to apply
  • Select courses, the course selection is closed, a selection among the applicants is ongoing between 3 May and 13 August.

Which services work as usual?

  • Examination, sign-up/cancel sign up
  • Examination dates (search)
  • Apply for and view external credit transfer
  • Search course
  • Search programme
  • Services as schedules in Timeedit and course homepages in PingPong

Which services will disappear?

  • The road to my degree

Published: Thu 03 May 2018.